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Heartwarming / The Legend of the Ice People

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  • Hanna helping Silje giving birth to Liv, and the parents naming their daughter Liv Hanna as a result. Hanna is described to be radiating pride and starts singing an ancient sounding song and Silje notes that, while she doesn´t understand the words, there doesn´t seem to be any malice in it.

The Witchfinder

  • Tengel and Charlotte talking about Charlotte leaving her son to die when he was born, and Tengel trying to abort both his children, once even without Silje´s knowlegde. Neither one of them jugde each other, a show a lot of appreciation for their family. Tengel claims that it never occured to him and Silje to report Charlotte´s action to the authorities, and talks about how much he loves his children, and Charlotte talks about how much it means to her that her son is alive and that she has been reunited with him.

The Stepdaughter

  • Sol´s protectiveness over Meta
  • The entire family showing love and support to Liv after they find out about the abuse she suffered at her husband´s hand.
  • Tengel mercy killing Sol so she won´t suffer and giving her a potion that´ll give her a pleasant death.

The Garden of Death

  • Shiera and Mar getting together and adopting some orphans. It´s a sweet and a happy ending for them, if not a bit cliche.

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