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Headscratchers / The Politician

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  • Why is Infinity so childish? Her grandmother says that she has the IQ of a child and she makes statements that make her seem pretty naive, such as believing that rats actually work at a restaurant in Paris like in Ratatouille. She also dresses fairly childish. Is it because her grandmother sheltered her or is it possibly due to all the drugs that Dusty has been giving her to make her sick.
    • Infinity doesn't seem to be in any way unintelligent, so we can likely write off the IQ thing as her grandmother's gaslighting. What seems more likely is that she's been coddled all her life for appearing to be sick, so she never really had boundaries or consequences for her more childish behavior or beliefs. It's also probable her grandmother coached her to be more childish, in order to garner more sympathy.
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  • Why is the school so sure that Astrid ended up winning the school election, when Astrid's early withdrawal caused the school to start dumping ballots into the garbage?

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