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Even the Suicide Forest can have you laughing. Who knew?

  • Depending on your sense of humor, Akita's constant jokes during her narration can be funny.
  • During Takayuki's introduction, the header changes his talent from private dick.
  • During Chapter 1-1, Akita finds out that some of the students have been tricked by Hotaru into getting drunk. To say things get out of hand is an understatement.
    • Takayuki constantly shouts stuff like I love you, is extremely affectionate, and is huggy with everyone.
    • Kira basically starts bragging about all the things that she hates about herself.
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    • Mirabilis literally turns into a more sadistic form of Nagito Komaeda.
    • Yasu starts acting like a 'queen' and takes control of the place...and Minato is their servant.
    • Tsukiko literally just blacks out...and more!
  • In chapter two, Ayano has some funny Monokuma Theatres. Like one where Monokuma just tells everybody how bored he is...and that's it.
  • During chapter two's free time events, some of the headlines are pretty funny.
    • For Mitsuru, there are only two options, no and hell no. Then the headline says too bad because the fans voted for it.
    • For Mirabilis, there are once again two options...yes? and please god no.
    • Then there's Hotaru. Once again, the two options are...why? and please stop.
  • When Hotaru is narrating, although its during some really heavy scenes, some of her inner thoughts can cause people to laugh. She even thinks about how Kaneshiro is having a voyeurism. Its funnier in context.

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