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Fridge / Calvary

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  • There's a clever sequence where Veronica is ignoring the man she's sitting with and texting on her phone. A shot or two later, one of her lovers is ignoring the women he's with and smirking at his phone.
  • Some very slight clues on the identity of the mysterious parishioner:
    • When Father James arrives at the butcher shop, Jack glances down with a slightly guilty expression. However, when James confronts him about his wife's allegations of abuse, Jack is surprised. So if he wasn't feeling guilty about hitting his wife, what was it?
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    • Jack is not at the bar with almost everyone else in town when the church burns down, so his whereabouts are unknown at the time of the arson. He arrives in the next scene claiming to have just come back from the fire department. So he apparently set the fire, went to the fire department as everyone gathered around and then arrived back.

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