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Carnage: Swallowing The Past is Simon Atwell movie from 2017, exclusively available in BBC iPlayer. It's a mockumentary science-fiction movie which tells the story from the perspective of full vegan world in 2067. In the format of mixing historical footage and fictional it's supposedly explain to the current young generation why previous generations ate meat and dairy.

Carnage Swallowing The Past contains examples of:


  • Veganopia: Almost straight example. Current young generation is completely vegan from birth and eating meat and dairy is completely horrifying for them. They are also oblivious to that that not long ago people ate animal products. It seems that times are peaceful and people are generally very open to themselves. But it isn't equally for everyone as most of older generations struggle with they "carnist" past and they are going to therapys (similar of AA) to fight with they immense guilt.

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