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Drinking Game / The Room

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Drinking Game for The Room. This game is best played with Scotchka. And a designated sober to get you to the hospital when you inevitably contract alcohol poisoning:

  • Whenever a character says "Oh hi, (character name)", drink.
  • Whenever Lisa and Claudette are about to have a heart-to-heart talk, take a sip.
    • Be sure to take a gulp when Lisa explicitly states that she doesn't love Johnny any more.
  • Take a sip whenever Johnny laughs.
    • Take another when he says "huh".
  • When a blatantly unnecessary scene draws to a close, down your drink.
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  • Drink when a character shows up with no introduction.
  • Drink when Mark says "What's going on?" whilst Lisa is trying to seduce him.
    • Hell, drink whenever a character says one of their catchphrases
  • Take one sip for every time a character, including Mark and Johnny, say that Mark/Johnny is "best friends" with Johnny/Mark.
  • Drink whenever a character says some variant of "don't worry about it" or "everything will be fine."
  • Drink when the characters are playing football.
  • Drink water after being shown parts of San Francisco.
  • Throw some spoons whenever you see spoons, and then take a drink.
  • Drink whenever a character shills Johnny in some way.
  • Take a sip whenever Denny says something slightly creepy ("I just like to watch you guys!")
  • Take a sip whenever a character (do NOT chain sips for two or more characters taking this action together, treat the shared action as a singular one) obviously enters or exits the rooftop by the implausible, space-time dimensions breaking vehicle of the awkward tinpot shed in the corner.
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  • Take a sip every time someone refers to Johnny or Lisa as the other's "future husband" or "future wife".
  • Take a big gulp on the most famous line in the movie, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"
  • When Johnny dies, take two shots.

If played correctly, you shall be utterly plastered just in time for the first agonizing sex scene.


Name: Beverage:Comment:
Nerd Bird Raspberry soda. I had to pee about half an hour in. This was utterly painful, but hilarious.
Keida Lemm Mikes Hard Lemonade and Vodka Tommy Wiseu is gonna kill us and we aren't even thru the sex scene...
TheGoldnguy Diet Mountain Dew It was right after the "Denny drug money" scene that I began to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. By the time I got to the "I did not hit her" scene, which was five minutes later, I couldn't take it anymore.
Thunderchin Mike's Hard Lemonade and Mountain Dew I got to the end of the second sex scene before the alcohol made me pass out. Awoke just before the birthday party and wisely switched to Mountain Dew. Does anyone have any aspirin?
giocondanTremolo Iced tea and water With modified rules. I ran out of iced tea during the footballs in tuxedos scene and had to switch to water. Don't think this was an evening well spent. But it was certainly entertaining.
YanderIA Lemonade and water (and popcorn!) Ran out of lemonade during Mike and Michelle's scene, so I had to switch to water. It was a bad, bad idea to eat popcorn while doing this. By the time of the "I DID NAHT HIT HER" scene, I wanted to throw up.
dat_nerd_again Champagne,beer,sangria,red wine,whiskey, and tea (later when I realized I can't drink anymore) I had two small and one big bottles of water. The first one was empty before the openning credits ended. By the time of the first sex scene I ran out of beer because OH BOY STOP LAUGHING, JOHNY, YOU'RE TEARING ME APART! And then it all went to hell from there with me eventually passing out right after that manly footbal game in the park, waking up and switching to tea. I didn't get to whiskey, by the way, which was merciful, all things considered...Oh mannn,my head...I'm on aspirin diet from now on, folks.

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