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Drinking Game / Chronicles Of Eden

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Dilute your drink if you don't wanna die.

Down a glass when:

  • You find any of Alex's favorite phrases:
    • "Franticly" [sic]
    • "Stein glass windows" [sic]
    • "Kindhearted girl"
    • "In the/this world"

  • Any of these events occur
    • Alyssa attempts to shag Daniel, which in turn pisses Triska off.
    • Daniel's harem begins to squabble over trivial matters.
    • Kroanette says she's a "legendary courier" and Clover objects.
    • Scay talks about stabbing someone.
      • Down two glasses when she actually stabs someone, and three if it's for no good reason.

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  • Over three sentences are used to describe a character's appearance

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