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  • Empress Kyouhi, a relatively minor character, gets one in the anime when she confronts Chuuou and Dakki after her unjust imprisonment. Not only does she call Dakki filth to her face, but she also angrily calls out Chuuou on his shameful behavior that led to the death of Kou Hikou's wife and sister. Even Dakki is taken aback.
  • Taikobou defeating Chokomei by using the mesosphere to freeze his giant flower form.
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  • Taikobou's first encounter with the 5000 years old Shinkouhyou, one of the most powerful doushis in the world. Surviving the encounter is a great feat on its own, but Taikobou goes beyond that and manages to not only cut Shinkouhyou's cheek with the Dashinben (thus making this the first time the doushi has ever bled) but he also refused to escape from the path of devastating lightning bolts because he wanted to protect a village that would have otherwise been destroyed in the blast. Shinkouhyou is very impressed.
  • Taikobou saving an entire village from death and slavery. Upon seeing the Yin army approaching the village, he gets everybody drunk by turning a stream of water into sake. The villagers spend the night drinking and fall asleep and put no resistance when they are captured by the enemy (the army had received orders to kill whoever posed resistance). Taikobou allows himself to be captured but quickly escapes and defeats Chintou, Dakki's underling, causing the rest of the army to retreat and abandon the captured villagers.
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  • Dokouson dispatching Ryuukan and saving Sengyoku's life.
    Dokouson: Handle girls gently, dumbass!
  • The opening of the Houshindai.

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