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Awesome / Arad's Stardust

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  • Chapter 33. Twilight just destroys the attackers. At least until...
  • The Overseer Ethereal completely immobilises Twilight with two words.
  • That's followed by someone (confirmed to be Zhang in 34) sniping that Ethereal through a Battleship.

Mente Materia

  • Chapter two has Celestia and Luna fighting an alien attack on Equestria. The aliens never stood a chance.
  • In chapter four Matt's squad takes part in a training exercise to fight Shining Armor. Even with them using all their tricks, their opponent takes them apart with ease.
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  • In chapter seven Matt almost singlehandedly repels an alien attack on Ponyville, including literally crushing spacecraft.
  • In chapter 20 Spike gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Shirogane - a dragoness thousands of years old and so big her teeth alone are bigger than Spike - over her Fantastic Racism against Twilight and the ponies.

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