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Live Blog Of Kids and Squids
Amiibear2018-01-23 04:50:38

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The basics and beginning

Splatoon is a series all about kids who can turn into squids, it's a third person online shooter made by Nintendo and released on the wii and switch consoles.

Splatoon 1 was the start of the series and launch, when the switch was shown off we got our first peek at Splatoon 2, which IMO improved on the original very well.

The games add content over time such as new weapons, maps and VERY rarely,.new modes and gear, Splatoon 2 is set for a full year of new weapons and maps, with new weapons being added every week and new maps being added every month.

Every match is a 4 v 4 with teams being rotated at random, you have no control over what team mates you get, which often results in rage when your team is terrible and the other team has nothing but god-like super players.

Now, the meat of the game, this game has 5 modes, 1 mode unranked and 4 are ranked.

You'll start out level 1, with the splattershot Jr. a basic balanced beginner friendly weapon, as you level up more weapons will become available in the shops to purchase, once you reach Level 30 you'll have access to every weapon in the game.

Ranked mode is locked until level 5

Turf War is the unranked 'free' mode mode, basically the bare bones, Ink as much as possible mode, the team with the most ink when the match ends is the winner, this will be the first online mode players attempt as it's the only mode not locked at the start.

Tower Control involves staying on the tower while it moves into enemy territory, blasters are good for this mode as their AOE burst can hit players around the metal post on the tower.

Splat Zones Basically localized turf wars, keep the square inked for as long as possible, keeping the square inked reduces your points, first team to 0 points wins, only mode I've managed to get out of the B rank in.

Rainmaker Or as i like to call it, Painmaker, I hate this mode, the rainmaker is a golden cannon that sits in a bubble in the center of the stage, break the bubble and grab the rainmaker, your goal is to take it to a pedestal in the enemies side of the map, while holding the rainmaker you move much slower and are limited to a charge attack, in the original Splatoon the charge flung a tornado, in Splatoon 2 it's a delayed explosion that travels in a funky arc, you cannot use specials, subs or superjump when holding the rainmaker.

Clam Blitz Which is exclusive to Splatoon 2, think basketball but with little golden clams, each player has a basket in their base protected by a barrier, when a player picks up 10 clams they form into an american football, this football can break the barrier which lets players throw clams into the basket, first player to reduce their points to 0 wins, this is the sigle most team based mode in the game, the other modes require a lot of teamwork too, but this mode it is crucial to have a good and balanced team that knows what they're doing.

Along with those modes there is Salmon Run, a COD ombies like mode which involves a team of 4 surviving three waves of "Salmonids" while aiming to reach a certain quota of Golden Eggs for an unsee character named Mr. Grizz.

The mode isn't always opens and closes often, unlike the other modes you CANNOT choosethe weapon you use, it randomly assigns you one weapon which shifts with each wave, the four weapons rotate every time Grizz opens.

I'll go more into detail of SR when itake that mode on.

Each player also can customize their squid with gear, it isn't just aesthetic though, gear comes with one main and three subs of 'abilities some examples is reducing the cost of ink for the main or sub weapon, respawning faster etc.

The main is the strongest ability and is fixed on that gear unless you buy from the nintendo switch phone app, which can sell gear of different abilities, each gear levels up with unlocks sub abilities which are weaker (one main is about equal to three subs for example) the sub abilities are random but certain gear brand sfavor certain abilities and dislike another.

Next Installment I'll go over the various weapon classes and subs/specials, then it's onto matches, I'll recount as best as I can.

I am NOT the best player around and am fairly casual, just a heads up, if you plan on buying this game and awant to go hardcore, i suggest watching high end players on youtube.

I recommend the ThatSRB2Dude who frequently goes over the games various weapons, updates and rank modes.

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