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Bismuth832017-11-10 12:44:32

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Episode Zero: An Unlikely Team-Up

Guest commentators:

SYX: Sylux

KAN: Kanden

WVL: Weavel (Author's note: This version of Weavel is female)

TRC: Trace

SPR: Spire

NXS: Noxus (The above six are all from Metroid Prime Hunters)

KON: Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

We're on the SOAP.

ME: I just want to find out what today's story is gonna be so we can get this over with...

I walk over to the monitor and turn it on. A message reading "You'll be reading something original for once: The entire first season of Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart. Enjoy! >;)" shows up.

ME: Groans, walks over to the crossover generator, and types in some names. The portal opens up. Welcome to the SOAP, people. We're gonna need you to commentate on a bad not-quite fanfic.

SYX: Regarding the fact that Samus is here Do I have to it with HER?

ME: Yes.

SYX: Ugh, fine, just don't try to get me involved with the Federation. I'M NOT INTERESTED.

ME: I never said I would.

TRC: To himself Wait, they see me and they're NOT surrendering? But...

ME: Not scared of some blowhard teen trying to impress his bosses.

KAN: What'll we be commentating on?

ME: Some story titled "Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart".

KON: What's it like?

ME: Numerous Japanese language errors, astronomy fails, and blatant author appeal.

NXS: That bad, huh?

ME: Yeah.

WVL: Used to work for the Space Pirates. You have any idea how hard getting through their glass ceiling was? It was near impossible!

ME: The ones in this story are way different.

SPR: How long is this?

ME: 13 chapters for this one.

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