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Live Blog Let\'s Play and Wish We Hadn\'t
Bismuth832018-06-26 16:11:05

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Episode Zero: The problem with licensed games

Welcome to my other live blog, where I\'ll play games I think of as bad and rant about them for your amusement! Our first victim of ridicule will be the PSP adaptation of Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy. in echo-y \"narrator\" voice TIME FOR BACKSTORY! Resume normal voice Geronimo Stilton is a series of children\'s novels written by Italian author Elisabetta Dami (and credited to the title character) aimed at about the age group targeted by Captain Underpants and other Scholastic fare. It\'s about a panphobic anthro mouse reporter whose work takes him on whimsical and supposedly educational adventures. The books contain: text colored and formatted to suggest what it says, regardless of the adverse effects it could have on the eyes •Incredibly lame mouse puns •A whole bunch of other stupidity I\'d prefer to get to when I review the books •More spin-off series and entries than Mega Man This game adapts the \"Kingdom of Fantasy\" spin-off, which is basically a Fantasy Kitchen Sink with some weird additions, such as a winged, multicolored cow (I WISH I were making that up), fairies that ask math questions ( Sadly, they don\'t possess ice powers ), and other examples of WTF. In short, I can\'t stand this series (seriously, I like the RULE 34 better than the actual canon), but even if you ARE a fan, you probably wouldn\'t like it. When I first saw the game, I was gearing up for an RPG, and instead I got a Professor Layton clone, and a really bad one at that! (Because the target audience of this series TOTALLY wouldn\'t understand an RPG). Anyways, meet me here, and we\'ll begin eviscerating this waste of natural resources that calls itself a game. Stay fresh.

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