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Live Blog The War On The Prayer Warriors
Valiona2015-05-13 07:53:38

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Hello and welcome to my liveblog of The Prayer Warriors.

As Arcadiarika has already done a liveblog for the series, I'll try to make this one somewhat different in terms of style and commentary.

Each installment title will include an abbreviated version of each of the works' titles, The Evil Gods(TEG), Battle With The Witches (BwtW) Threat of Satanic Commonism (ToSC), The Titans Strike Back (TSB), Attack of the Sphinx (AotS) and The Prayer Ponies (PP). It saves me a little time and, more importantly, a considerable amount of space in the installment title.

Each chapter will begin with a few lines of information

Written By: Who wrote the chapter, and is responsible for this installment of hateful and poorly written work.
Proofread By: Who proofread the chapter, and deserves part of the blame for the mistakes. If no proofreader is mentioned, this will not be included.
POV: Whose POV this chapter assumes. In some chapters, there will be a third person POV, in which case, it will be described as being "Third person".
Deaths: Which characters died in this chapter, and how often they have died so far. For example, "Chiron (1) Grover (3)" indicates that Chiron died for the first time and Grover died for the third time. Yes, characters come back from the dead and die again in this fic, and this is a regular occurrence.

I'd also like to point out that this blog goes into politics and religion, which can be controversial subjects. You may not necessarily agree with some of the views I express here, even if I, like you most likely do, generally disagree with the Prayer Warriors.

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