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Live Blog Let's Re-read/spork/critique S'TarKan's Team 8
ScorpioRat2013-07-25 19:57:50

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Background Info and Getting Started

How should I start this off...I'm Scorpio Rat, and I've decided to liveblog myself re-reading the Naruto fanfiction Team 8, after discussing it got me reinterested. This was partially inspired by I Am Not Creative Enough working on a joint review of Naruto:Chaos Mage, but I don't think it'll go exactly that way in terms of criticism, considering that Team 8 is definitely of a higher quality. XD Salfishfin has also agreed to do this along with me, so there will be a second opinion as well. I'll be glad if anyone else wants to join in with their own reviews and read along with me! I'll be reading about a chapter each session, and I'll try to update at least once every other day. If I don't finish in one go, I'll edit the update and finish it later.

This is literally my first liveblogging of anything on this site, so please bear with me here.

So yeah, this particular fanfiction is really popular, and came out around early 2006, the first of January to be exact. It has over 11,000 reviews (I wish my own crappy fanfictions got that much attention...), and after skimming a few pages of them, they're mostly positive. I might drop a few reviews myself if I feel compelled to.

I've read Team 8 about twice before this, and those were pretty spaced out, so I only really remember basic plot points. Don't worry about spoiling me in the comments though. There are 21 chapters, and a new one may be coming soon, so this may take a while. I'm reading this on my Kindle as I type, if anyone cares about that.

I guess I'll comment on the summary before I move onto chapter one.

Quote: "What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he'd had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large?"

I hate the what if questions, first of all. That tends to throw me off immediately, but the nail itself sems to be solid. We'll see if the changes the nail makes are sensical, I guess. I'll also be on the lookout for OOC moments, pairings, grammar, and any ideas that may have spawned later cliches in the fanfics that followed.

Next update will cover Chapter 1, which I hope to get up sometime tomorrow, or I may start it up later tonight and finish tomorrow.

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