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Live Blog Breaking the Facade (You can help)
Wildcard2012-12-20 17:42:17

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Part 1: Adam's Story

Facade is a short video game developed by Procedural Arts. In it you play as a married couple's, (Grace and Trip) friend who they went to college with. After not having seen you in years they invite you over and you interact with them. The thing is though they are not happy with their marriage and it is up to you to help them fix it!

It has a Tv Tropes page:

YMMV on the game's quality. I think playing seriously it can get repetitive but it is pretty interesting on the first few tries. When your just trying to mess with them though it can get hilarious!

So what is the deal with this liveblog? Well want to try a fun little experiment here. A liveblog where more than one person can play! We'll work together to make a complete How do you do that? Well first download the game if you'd like to make up a character to play one. Than write-up an entry in the same past tense style I have presented above. If You would like to play I will accept these three different types of entries or one of each:

1.) An entry where your character loses by getting thrown out, having Grace and Trip lie to you that is no problem in the end, or where you character gets fed up and leaves by his or her own volition. The first four including mine, (as shown below) will be this.

2.) An entry where your character wins or loses by getting Grace or Trip to leave the apartment, or getting them to admit they need to talk to each other. This will be what the fifth entry is. If I get more than one of these I will post the one I like best.

3.) An entry where you just mess around and have fun with the game. Trying to get kicked out, say offensive things to Grace and Trip all night, or act like a robot, a criminal escaping the cops, or any manner of crazy things!

If you'd like to try this than PM me an entry or suggest a character to make and play in the next entry by posting in the comments. Either way you do it I will credit you in the next entry you helped me write.

Here is a download link if you need one:

So wanna give it a shot?


Do you remember what happened ten years ago? I'm sure most of you do. If you don't though, I will remind you.

See, all five of us knew these two, or at least we used too. Grace and Trip were some of our best friends back then! During a party in our senior year of college we all introduced them and it was only a matter of time until they got married! Eventually we lost touch with them despite keeping in touch with each other. Now I'm sure you've gotten the voice mail so you don't need me to tell you, but Trip has invited us to their apartment.

Unfortunately I know we have work, school, kids, or whatever else that is keeping us from all having time to go together but I think we should tell each other what happens there. Why? Because despite their happy little marriage charade I know something is wrong. Somebody has to help them, so why can't it be us!

So I'll message all of you back in a day or two and tell you what happened.


Last night's meet with Grace and Trip didn't exactly go well.

Before I even inside the apartment I could hear the familiar voices of my old friends yelling and screaming at each other. This did not bode well.

I'm kind of reserved so I tried not to bring it up. But apparently Trip did not see it that way. When he opened the door and greeted me I said hi and asked him how he was doing.

"What? No, no, were good. Were good everything is good." He replied. Maybe I should have stayed home.

After what felt like a whole minute had passed he finally invited me in. As soon as I walked away from the door frame he left me alone for a minute to get Grace away from her favorite hiding spot in the kitchen. I understood though. Grace didn't particularly like being around people all the time. Maybe that is why she and I got along so well back in art school. It was only natural she was nervous after so much time had passed.

Trip didn't agree though and kept badgering Grace to come out. I made my best attempt not to eavesdrop and stared out their back window. I have to say they had a pretty great view of the city from the back window of their apartment. My thought at the time was that perhaps I could make a good painting from this angle if Grace and Trip let me use it as a reference. I didn't bring my camera though and it is unlikely Trip will let me back into the apartment now, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Grace called out my name and began. "Adam. Hi how are you? It's been such a long time." I greeted her with a friendly hello and a hug. She goes on to say I look great. I reply that she looks great as well which Grace meets with a slight pause.

"Adam. That's kind of...a bold way to say hello. Ha ha." I just thought I was being polite. But apparently Grace and Trip both interpreted this as me flirting with her.

We all walked over to Grace's little shelf of ill-proportioned and rather ugly sculptures. Before she began to talk though I asked her how her art is going. Knowing her I figured she must have been a big artist by now selling a lot of her stuff. I had gone on to actually get money after graduation though it did take me a while.

Apparently she did not hear me so I asked a more general question. "How is work?"

Grace chimed in and told me about her project at work. She designs magazine ads now. I guess that is kind of in the creative field but I never imagined that Grace could be happy like that. Looks like my guess was correct though as she went off complaining about her decorating. Almost like she doesn't want to do it and something is missing.

"Now be honest with me. Admit that these sculptures are just terrible!"

I nod my head in agreement. I'm sure if you saw them you'd agree.

"Ah thank you! I knew you would give me an honest answer."

"What? Grace it looks..."

"Trip he is just being honest about my decorating which I really appreciate."

"Well okay that is good, I guess."

Sensing some unease I asked them both if there alright. They look at me with a question glance and Trip says "No no were fine".

I told Grace she should make art instead. In retrospect this was pretty rude but I at least wanted to hear her reason for leaving art.

" think we should...make art?" Grace questions a hint of fear or hesitation in her voice.

"Ha..ha oh your really joking around tonight aren't you?" Trip answers trying to break up the awkward tension around the room. Something is off here. I was getting kind of frustrated with him at this point.

"Adam. What we need...are some drinks!"

Grace let out a disapproving "tch" at the suggestion but Trip brushed her off. Asking what I wanted. He suggested "Grace's Inner Soul: A mix of Chardonnay bitters, and lots of ice!" I prefer bourbon anyway so that is what I asked for. Trip was severely disappointed that I didn't want his concoction but I have no interest in drinking that wine. Next thing I know Grace and Trip are screaming at each other in the middle of the room!

I asked them if it was better if I came back, but Trip only responded. "Yeah again with that. I get it." I'm still not quite sure how I should have responded to that. I proceeded to go out the door only to get called back

"Adam.. Don't go we need your help with this!" I don't know what persuaded me to come back inside it is obvious they needed therapy. But at the very last possible second I thought that if maybe there was a small chance that I could help I would have to take it. For my friends.

Grace then complained about how everyone tries to explain everything and their potshots just kept getting more and more aggressive until this happened;

"You know what? Adam I need to ask you something"

"Grace..." Trip yelled obviously sensing her hostility.

"Trip let me ask our guest a question. In a marriage you should try to help your spouse be a better person even if they don't want it." I answered with an honest yes.

Trip though seemed to take offense to this and stormed out of the room saying she always responded to others reaching out to her never to his help.

I attempted to comfort Grace about this. I guess it is obvious now that she was the one I was closer with back in college. Maybe if I hadn't sided with her though this wouldn't have happened.

Trip comes storming back into the room again his voice bellowing about Grace's faults. Before I could think better of it my anger got out of control and I yelled

"Trip could you just shut up for a second!"

This ended with me being thrown out of the room by Trip with absolutely no hesitation. I suppose now they can at least admit they have problems with their marriage. I hope you guys can do better.

Tell me what happens on your visits please. Hopefully we can find the solution that is best for both of them.


Dec 10th 2012 at 8:53:13 AM
This is interesting. And now I can't help but think of doing one involving Grail-kun
Dec 10th 2012 at 10:47:32 AM
I don't get how it relates. Thanks though.
Dec 10th 2012 at 11:21:52 AM
Basically I'll play a character that advises Trip or Grace into killing the other. Sadly it may not be actually possible. :P