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Live Blog The Idiot General Conquers The World
arrowstorm2012-04-01 18:56:12

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So I recently started playing Medieval 2: Total War again for the first time in quite a few years. Great game for those of you who haven’t played it. Not the easiest if you’re unfamiliar with RTS games or the Total War series, but still pretty enjoyable. And after spending half an hour trying to find where I put my the file for my “The Idiot General” liveblog series (I got a new computer and lost a lot of data moving stuff from the old one to the new) the idea struck me that maybe I should record my first campaign play through Lets Play style. So here it is.

A heads up for those concerned, I’ll be writing this series as I play so along with screenshots there will probably be quite a bit of swearing. Nothing gratuitous, but frustration is frustrating. Most won’t be bothered by it, but hey, I felt I should warn you.

Oh, and any advice or information that you guys would care to share would be much appreciated. After all, I didn’t name it “The Idiot General Conquers The World” for nothing.

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