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Live Blog unshelvedbrain Watches HBO "Game Of Thrones"
unshelvedbrain2012-02-17 10:55:47

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S01E00: I hope this .rmvb file does not suck

[Start of liveblog]

Initial thoughts: I dislike O episodes. It brings me bad memories of a)that time I was desperate to watch Doctor Who and downloaded Doctor Who Confidential and b)that time I was desperate to watch Gilligan's Island, couldn't find the 1st epidose online, and only a few days later Wikipedia explained to me that the 1st episode is not really the 1st aired episode. It's just confusing for online viewers that have fallen from the sky.

00:00:06 - Looks like raven is smoking. Mental note to make gif.

00:00:11 - Oh goody, it has subtitles in Portuguese. Hooray!

00:00:20 - Officially a behind the scenes. See what I mean?

[End of liveblog]

Since first instalment was tragically cut short by fake 0th episode, I take the time to leave a few notes:

1- First time I'm watching the TV series. I've read the 1st book, but not the others because of libraries' strange ideas on continuity. I very much liked the book, but I'm completely out of the hype. (There's this little rock I like to live under, you see, and... well.)

2- Expect this to be shallow.

3- Expect this to have a ton of random references to whatever comes to my mind at the time.

4- English is not my mother tongue. Correction of grammar and orthography (despite Firefox being in charge of that) are welcome. Mocking will be ineffective, as I'm not 12 years old.

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