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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: VS. The Boskeyverse
Psyga3152015-08-27 07:25:51

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Epilogue: Vs. The End

Hello everyone. Psyga here. It's rare that I update a once complete Liveblog, but for this, I'm making an exception. I have some bad news to give you all:

The site is down. Like, down for good. Never coming back. You can get the fanfics though by copying the URL and putting it in the Wayback Machine, but it doesn't stop the fact that the site is now gone for good. I don't think I had anything to do with it, since the entire site is down, and not just the fanfics. Not to mention that the site was pretty inactive and Rugrats was long dead.

In any case, I like to thank the Wayback Machine for capturing nearly, if not all the fanfics, so that it could be preserved. It's less annoying than when a Pooh's Adventures gets removed from Youtube, since there is a way to get it back. But still, it's tragic to see this once active site full of promise and love get destroyed due to a show hitting its inevitable end and an inevitable collapse of its fanbase.

I will reveal something to you all that I haven't revealed in this liveblog: I actually went onto that site when I was a kid. When I was about 10 or so, I got onto that site and read up the fanfiction. They were odd, and the memories were preserved. I loved crossovers when I was little, and so I read the Kacie Boskey fics, since they were the ones that interested me. As a kid, I didn't mind the logical flaws or anything else. I just cared that something like the Rugrats fighting with Digimon and Pokemon was happening before my eyes.

Crossovers have been a dear part to me, even in my youth, and so these stories, albeit bad, became part of my nostalgia. There were other memorable fics too, like the story of Kimmy encountering a generally nice guy who wound up being some sort of thief or something... It was nice and even ended on a funny, albeit lame now, name. But Kacie Boskey's fics were the ones I remembered to this day.

I won't lie, I tried to pull a Kacie Boskey rundown about twice before, like I had with Terabithia. However, these were unpublished. The first attempt was an MSTing of Tommy's Scar, cancelled because I was unable to make the riffers memorable or the lines witty. The second was a review of Revenge, before I began my very first liveblog on TVTropes. It hit most of the same notes I had for the liveblog for Revenge, plus some other ones.

When Fusionman, someone who is, for lack of better terms, a friend of mine on this site, made an RPG about Digimon that starred beta testers in the Digital World via VRMMORPG, engaging in a struggle between the Royal Knights and the Demon Lords. This caused me to remember the Digimon/Pokemon/Rugrats fanfic and I searched for it. I eventually found it and read it. It did not age well. I did a similar review but for a different site.

But I skimmed the other fanfics. They all deemed themselves worthy to be liveblogged. I hate myself a bit for eulogizing the fanfics when I spent these past few installments riffing on them, but ever since I discovered that the site was down, I knew I had to do something. This seemed to be it. And so, I decided I'd rank all the Boskey fics I have riffed on, from 1 being the best fanfic of the bunch that I have read, 8 being the worst fanfic of the bunch that I have read.

  1. The Animal Spell: I enjoyed this fanfic despite its flaws, as it seemed to be the adventuring fanfic that I mentioned in the beginning. It's stupid, yes. It's full of flaws, yes. But, despite this, I enjoyed it much more than the other fanfics.
  2. Here Come The Clones: Okay, I'm cheating a bit for this one. Mewtwo Strikes Back is my favorite out of the Pokemon Movies (then again, isn't it for everyone save for the guys who prefer the third?), and any Land Before Time villains after Sharptooth are usually ruined for me thanks to the Jitterydragon Youtube Poops. But, despite this, there were more flaws in it that made my head explode, and thus it lost the top of the throne.
  3. Beast Wars: A shocker, I know, but Beast Wars wasn't that bad a fanfic. It was just horribly short. Heck, the finale to My Little Pony's third season was longer than the story. But it had an interesting premise with a bit of decent execution.
  4. The Morph: It wasn't that bad of a story, and there were a few glaring flaws, but it was a pretty harmless fanfic relating somewhat to the Animorphs. It didn't do the series any sort of justice though, hence why Beast Wars is above this (you can say the aliens are based off the Vok from the cartoon).
  5. Revenge: When you get down to it, Revenge isn't that bad as well. Sure, it ripped off The Lion King, it had confusing terminology because of the fact that it ripped off The Lion King, and people are idiots all around, but it didn't manage to become as bad as the other fanfics.
  6. The Great Pokémon Fight: Yeah, didn't expect this one, did you? You thought I'd rank it lower, but no. While it's bad, it's not as bad as the other stories. Yes, it killed Tommy and brought him back with Deus Ex Machina. Yes, Tommy was choked by Chuckie for stupid reasons. Yes, Pokemon and Digimon canons are weeping for their severed limbs. But, compared to the next two, they were harmless.
  8. All Dogs and Spike... ALL OF IT: Okay, seriously. Spike got gutted and became not only Charlie, who is at best a jerkass who spends more time living life than accomplishing any goals, but also Optimus Primal, who by Beast Machines becomes some sort of Zen Monkey Jesus Buddha. The villain for the Nickelodeon Crisis Crossover was a freaking idiot and all the Nickelodeon people did was insult the Rugrats for being "popular". The entire Christmas Special and a great part of the first part was nothing but All Dogs with a find and replace function. They serve as the last I riffed on, and it's appropriate that they're the worst.

So there. If you got the time and the site, you can read up on these fanfics and see for yourself how they fare. Who knows, maybe they will be preserved in your memory too.

As if this writing, it's been a year since I've riffed on this. I know this since I dedicated the liveblog to Gokaiger, whose series at the time ended. By now, Go-Busters is long gone, and in their place are what I consider the best Sentai series next to Gokaiger. I dedicated it to Gokaiger because it too was a crossover, and I have a tendency to do Liveblogs when Toei Crossovers are made, especially in 2011.

I'm now dedicating this in the memory of the Unofficial Rugrats Online site. May your stories forever touch the hearts of children everywhere...

This is Psyga315 saying Sayonara... Until we meet again.

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