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Live Blog Let's watch Axis Powers Hetalia and let's get dramatic with Heta Oni
thelonelyangel2012-01-21 14:45:59

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Why do I like it so much?


If it weren't for Hetalia Axis Powers, this incredible, and virally infectious fandom wouldn't have come into existence, along with the fanfic of this fanic, which has littered my desk at home. Hetaoni is a fangame based fanfic. The countries of the world, after a conference, had dared each other to enter an infamous haunted mansion only to find out that once they've entered, they made it past the point of no return. Now they all have to survive in the mansion.

Piece of cake?


The mansion is littered with traps, demons, unexpected surprises, clocks, and an alien thing called Steve (Sorry, not Tony).

And even more stranger things occur when time goes all loopy , parallel universes form, lots of bloodshed and death, and Italy-san is hiding something.....

Expect angst, terror, drama; and a lot of tear jerking, fan-girl screaming, scream-in-horror, white-knuckled-and-teeth-chattering chaos. And change.


As a Hetalia fangal, I highly recommend Hetaoni to developing fans and current fans. It's a show that truly brings out the best in people when the worst comes along (the movie, Paint It White! was, compared to this one, absolutely nothing more than a tid-bit pinch.) The characters, for once in a long time, unite together and all in them are revealed, metaphorically and literally.

The creator (who is yet to produce another part to the series...) has done a really clever job of fusing two worlds together (Hetalia and the horror game Ao Oni) and having a complex storyline that keeps viewers on thier feet and wondering. Some find it a but of a bowl of spaghetti Cabonara, a bit heavy and complicated to swallow down, but, rest assured, it's not as complicated as it seems (especially if your are conditioned to Sci-fi programs like Back To the Future, Doctor Who, Kate and Leopold, etc). The story progresses in the dialoge, which fleshes out the characters as if they were on the show. Italy sounds like Italy, and America sounds like America. But, as for the characters are concerned, there has been a huge change. Some of them, like Italy, Germany, America and Britain are all OOC (Out of Character). But it's understandable because none of them have been in a situation like this where most clinically sane people, will certainly crack under pressure.

The graphic design was a typical RPG game with a few strange avatar images in the dialogue boxes that represent the countries, especially for Germany, America and Britain. This layout and graphic design really brings out the idea that fanfic writers do tend to 'play' around with the characters of thier fanfic, and that we ourselves, like to watch the action unfold. It's clear through the graphics that the creator created Whump through a visual and audio medium. Not to say it's crap, in fact, I applaud it. But it could have used some more proper cut scenes, with a closer view of the deaths, the blood and dialogue and facial expressions. It would have really hit the home-run pitch.

Music played a major role in this. The scare chord when the demon was chasing the characters really stuck with me long after I saw the movie and terrified me when I was walking in the corridors of my house alone at night. The dramatic music that was played during a horrific death was movie-like along with the dialogue that sounded so much like the dialgoue of the characters in the series. Music in this series really brought this story to life, and hit that pitch along with the dialoge.

Hetaoni is a fanfiction full of terror, OOC, blood, and elements that will give you the fridge horror, and mind screw you silly. The graphics makes the characters seem like toys rather than people in the game, and the music will scare you silly when you go to the bathroom at night. The creator has done a really thorough job in creating this series, but needed to go the extra mile with cutscenes. But luckily, fans had done the work for the creator in making thier own works in dedication to the fanfiction. It is incredible.

RATING: 8.5/10


Mar 3rd 2012 at 4:33:05 PM
This is an amazing game, but i did not like when Steve pops out of the dark! I play this in the middle of the night, at like midnight, and it scares me everytime something pops up in the dark. Sorry if i sound like a wimp, but it is true!
Mar 3rd 2012 at 4:34:51 PM
The music is scary as Heck too, im kinda scared to leave my bed at night after playing this...