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Live Blog Let's Try This Again: Draft of Blazing Sword
hnd032011-10-07 14:03:18

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Sir, I Would Like a Do Over

Because my first attempt was rather bad and because montagohalcyon was a total cool guy and said I could, I'm doing my draft run of Hector Normal Mode (HNM) over again. So let's see how fast I can beat this.

Again, the rules:

  • Must start with Hector Mode on Chapter 11. No Lyn Hard Mode.
  • Only attack enemies, heal, and visit villages with drafted characters. Failure to do so will result in a 4 turn penalty per unit
  • Anyone can shop
  • Only drafted units can support
  • Undrafted Thieves (Matthew) can steal and pick locks. Nothing else.
  • NPC's (including unrecruited characters) will not add to turn count.
  • Undrafted units can tank hits
  • Marcus cannot be used beyond Talons Alight
  • Must play all side chapters except Chapter 19XX and Chapter 23X
  • Hector-Lord (required)
  • Eliwood-Lord (Chapter 12)
  • Priscilla-Troubadour (Chapter 14
  • Legault-Theif (Chapter 20)
  • Heath-Wyvern Rider (Chapter 22)
  • Vaida-Wyvern Lord (Chapter 29)
  • Athos-Archsage (Final Chapter)

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