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tiffz82011-08-13 02:43:33

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Please comment on the synopsis that I thought of on my own. I want to hear all of your advice.


Synopsis Cherry accidently became pregnant at the age of 18 and caused embarrassment to her parents therefore she had to quit school. Her boyfriend was shocked and did not know what to do therefore he left her without a word. Moreover, Cherrys father ran away from home since they did not get along with each other. One day, her mother died due to heart problems and dad soon married a wealthy young lady and became a manager of a company. That was when Cherry had miscarriage. She wanted to commit suicide but a young female stranger named Jasmine, appeared to save her life. The two girls soon became friends and started living together. Jasmine is actually rich but she hides this secret. Jasmine instead told Cherry that she is poor and ran away from home because her parents forced her to marry. Later, Cherry managed to find a job with her lack of abilities. Even though she lacks potential, she is pretty smart and reluctant to give up easily. A new pretty good-looking but immature male employer helps her out. After knowing for long, they gradually like one another. But then she met another kind-hearted photographer named Chris and he started to fall for her. Sooner or later, Cherry realized Simon was the son of her ex-father, the manager and her friends fiancÚ? She then found out her friends secret after a long term friendship. After Cherry and Jasmine found out that they were into the same guy, they gradually hated each other. Luckily, she met one of her best ex-high school friend again and stayed with her. Chris was the only one that can really comfort Cherry but his friend is Simons disobedient sister, Lily! That puts everyone in agony and confusion. Cherrys main goal is to take vengeance on her ex-father, the manager. Will things turn out how she wanted???..

Thank you for your help and time!

Hope to hearing from you all very soon!


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