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Live Blog Are Marth and Roy in this? Montago's Draft of Blazing Sword
montagohalcyon2011-07-12 22:45:19

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The Unimaginatively-Titled: Introduction

Well, if you've been looking at the liveblog section recently, you've probably noticed a surplus of Fire Emblem blogging taking place. Presumably you chose this one to take a look at, or you're one of my friendly competitors. If you belong to the latter group, feel free to skip the rest of this section.

A major caveat: As the fifth person to make a liveblog of his exploits, and considering the limitations of a draft run, I'm not planning on going into any (well, maybe a little) detail on the storyline, characters, or mechanics of Fire Emblem in general or Blazing Sword in specific (despite how much I love this game), so here's some recommendations you might try:

If you've never played the series or this particular game, the LP I shamelessly stole the title of for this blog is pretty good: Tanto's Let's Play Fire Emblem! There's another completed one on the same forum of the previous game, Sword of Seals, which takes place in the same universe, and an in-progress one of the next, Sacred Stones, which is a standalone.

If you know the gist of what's going on in Elibe but haven't fully explored the story, Barrylocke, the guy who started this, is running through Hector Mode for the first time to kill two birds with one stone. Seven Characters? Amazing Axes? A First time for Everything?! Barrylocke Drafts Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword He's also got links to the rules we're using.

Finally, if you just want to know who's doing the best, that would currently be Jonnas N. Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem. Jonnas is also playing in German to brush up on his language skills, which obviously makes everything infinitely more cool.


Jul 14th 2011 at 2:36:52 PM
You know, I'm currently winning because of Oswin, probably. Oswin is awesome for the first chapters, but we'll start seeing his shortcomings in Chapter 14, where all he can do well is stay behind and defend Merlinus. We'll see.

Also, read "Osvin" for maximum accuracy :P