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Live Blog Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.
Alfric2011-07-11 10:28:48

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A Fiery Introduction!

This is the start of my part of the Tv Tropes Fire Emblem Draft competition! This little game consists of six people consecutively choosing characters to use in a file. After a character is chosen, they cannot be used by anyone else. The six people (Barrylocke, Hnd 03, Jonnas N, Xiphonii, Montagohalcyon, and myself) each chose our six units to use in Hector Normal Mode, and now we all play through the game, putting little reviews of the chapters either into personal liveblogs, such as this one, or into reviews on the Fire Emblem Draft topic. The characters I've drafted are:

Hector (usable by everyone)







Athos (usable by everyone)

Matthew can be used by everyone for thief based purposes, but can't fight, and Legault is allowed to steal one certain item in the map he joins on. Otherwise, there is a +4 turn penalty if you use an undrafted character to fight. Marcus can be used by everyone up until chapter 15.

We then go through the game and compete to see who can get the lowest total turn count in all of the chapters. We will all go through all of the Gaiden chapters except for 23x and 19xx, and while 28x is necessary to do, it does not count towards our turn count.

I've made my tactician, named simply Alfric, and with a Fire affinity. I will get the first episode up shortly.

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