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Live Blog Finest Fantasy? Farcical Fuss? A Let's Play of FFXII
AllanAssiduity2011-06-10 16:49:29

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Every Story Begins With a Name

And yes, my name is Allan Assiduity.

The purpose of this live blog is to categorise a fresh run-through of Final Fantasy XII by that most stereotyped of companies, Square-Enix. Despite some popular dislike of it, I am quite a large fan of this game, as should quickly become evident by simply listening to me talk about it.

Because make no mistake, this is not going to be some cookie-cutter negative liveblog; it's going to be remarkable only it's unremarkableness, and in the fact that I will, at no point, be alt-tabbing over to a Zero Punctuation window so I can drudge up some boring negative comments to wheel out when I find something I don't like.

The purposes followed will be dual. Firstly, I intend to make the mechanics of this game accessible to those with no clue as to it's contents. So, feel free to message me with ideas for story-focused posts I may be inclined to write; for things you want explained; or, perhaps, to have a good old bitch at me because you don't like my tone.

Hey, it wouldn't be the first time.

At present, I have yet to boot up the game. I have no intention of setting lines in the sand for "this is how far I'll go between posts", but I will say that it is imperative that I do not make my posts too long, or too short. We shall see, I think.

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