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Ralphrius2011-05-19 13:56:21

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So I just checked my mail to see it have a peculiar little tidbit.

I'm subscribed to Atlus's email newsletter, the Atlus Faithful. It's pretty tongue in cheek, which shows with it's 'latest' issue.

I say 'latest' because the date states July 23, 1999.

So what is Atlus' intention? God knows. But I'll check it out for you guys.

We start out with This Week In News: Which is nothing at all. No, seriously, they say it themselves. However, they promise us with great editorials in this issue, so let's keep reading!

The Fan Editorial is next, by Billy Ryerson, age 12. He compares the N64 and the PS to see which is superior. He concludes that it all depends on preference, and if you like all games, you should get both. Also, he looks ahead a bit to the PS 2. It plays DV Ds, apparently. Hot damn.


Next up, important important, Y2K! We get a staff editorial (by Abjar Marabia) about the apocalypse in the year 2000 and gives us handy tips how to survive as a post-apocalyptic gamer:

Get rid of any post-apocalyptic games in your library. Not only will the horrifying mutants of the 21st century probably not appreciate some of the more unfair mischaracterizations, it also makes it less likely to depress yourself.

We're also reminded to check out Tail Concerto for PS 1. This was my first theory: That this thing is actually a viral ad for Solatorobo, from the same series. However, there's more to the newsletter than that, Solatorobo's been announced ages ago, and it doesn't really make any sense.

They also have a very positive review on Star Wars: The Phantom Menance. Trolololololol.

Finally, there's the reader poll. They asked what readers regret that they wish they could go back to and redo. One answer in particular piques my curiosity:

Chang Liu: "I wouldn't have bought an iMac. It looked so cool, but I can't do anything on it! Stupid blueberry computer!" I'm not a Macxpert, so can anyone tell me if iMacs were even around in 1999?

And that's about it. The newsletter is really 1999-ish, with flashing letter GIFS and a very basic layout, and random 90's ads like Netscape prettying it up.

If anyone has any theories on what this could mean, please, by all means share 'em. I'm stumped! XD


May 19th 2011 at 1:56:52 PM
Maybe it's something involving time travel?
May 19th 2011 at 2:01:08 PM
I thought so as well.

... Or related to July 23 1999. WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY?
May 19th 2011 at 2:02:09 PM
... Well, at the very least, it was a Friday, and:

  • Mohammed VI of Morocco becomes king.
  • July 23 to July 25 - Woodstock 99 festival held in New York.
  • Hijack of ANA Flight 61 in Tokyo.
May 19th 2011 at 5:14:48 PM
You're forgetting that it's the (adjusted for time zones) Japanese release date of Persona 2 Innocent Sin, the only Persona game to not get an official English release, hence the "Absolutely no new games releasing today in Japan".

The thing about redoing something is that Innocent Sin recently got a PSP re-release, and this seems to be a hint that this version will be coming out Stateside.

...What? Kotaku already figured this out, that's how I know: