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Psyga3152012-02-01 13:45:57

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Force From The Future

Alright. Let us get this out of the way: World War Alpha has no windowed mode. Meaning that I cannot pause and write out what happened without exiting the game, which I will not do. Instead, I will type out what happened to the best of my recollection. Each post will contain at least a couple of battles but this one will contain one so I can explain the game play and story. Let’s begin!

So we start off with a side to choose. We could be the warriors of the past, armed with swords, or the soldiers of the future, armed with guns. Hm... Let’s go with the stupidest choice. There’s no way I will regret this! You can also play this with a buddy, with the obvious joke being “who would want to play this with you?” So the game begins with a map and gives us a choice of which place to invade ala Risk. You can also stock up your defenses to prepare for invasions. I chose the warriors simply because in Battle For Terra, the people being invaded were the good guys. The warriors go first and I obviously pick a place to invade. The battle begins...

One of the soldiers asks us where General Paramount is and one of the warriors replied that they have him being interrogated. You get to see this interrogation when you win certain battles. If you happen to play this game, you might notice that there are Aztecs, Romans, Knights, and the like in your army. I might call out MDickie for this, but I do not on counts of Rule of Cool. Whereas seeing Stonehenge in Jerusalem is downright confusing, seeing a Knight fight alongside an Aztec against soldiers from the future is downright awesome. Mostly because MDickie throws research out the window for the sake of awesomeness.

The fighting in this game is Dynasty Warriors like, however, the enemies do not stand around like idiots, and your allies do not expect you to finish their fights. Weapons can be picked up and used by anyone, so a warrior can use a gun while a solider can use a sword. I set the pace of the fights to very fast so I can get the game out of the way in order to best remember the events and dear God they move at light speeds. I almost expected myself to die within the first few seconds of the game.

The fight ended with one person standing and all of us rushing towards him to deliver a beat down upon him. With him dead, we won the territory. We then get one of our many conversations between the Aztec leader and General Paramount. Paramount is trying to convince the Aztec leader that he is considered a messiah due to his technologically advanced weapons. The leader’s response? “You are nothing but a half! Where’s the sobering Ying to your raging Yang? Where’s your messiah?” OOOH! DISS! DISS!

And that is where we will end Part one. Tune in for Part two.

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