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Meophist2011-02-11 19:07:56

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Part Zero - Elvish Dewcakes are Bitter-Sweet.

This is an in-character log for a D&D game played by the posters of "I Just Changed Into My Jammies" thread in Yack Fest. I'm entering the game after a few sessions have already been done, but it's still rather early. Further information about the game, including IRC logs, can be garnered in the thread for the game here. This installment is for the events before my character meets up with the party. It ended up being a bit longer than expected, but please enjoy.

Date: The Four-Hundred Thirty-Seventh Year of the Sun, of the Moon of Audulis, the Thirty-Fourth Day.

I suppose it's best to keep a log in case anything happens to me. Somebody might be able to find it and continue what I've started. Or it might get eaten up by rabbits, who knows?

My name is Agia Amina. I was born and raised between the Human settlement of Eglinton and the Elvan settlement of Krastshien(That translates to "The Summer Tree" for all you commoners... I mean, Common-speakers). Um... let's see, both my parents are Halfies(or Half-Elves as most people would call us, or Half-Humans as the Elves would call us, or Half-Elf-Half-Human as some people probably should call us but don't), although to be honest, I don't know much about my grandparents. I'd like to imagine that they were Halfies as well and that my family has a long Halfie tradition, but in reality, I have no idea. Oh yeah, I'm a Halfie as well.

I've lived a fairly normal life for the most part. Well, as normal as a Half-Elf-Half-Human Eglinton-Krastshien person-being could be. I've spent most of my time at home with my parents and my older sister, but I've gone between the two settlements for various reasons more than a few times. I mean, they both have some pretty good food for instance but they're also quite different. The Humans seems to prefer sweet and savoury food most of the time while the Elves like the bitter and those things that kinda taste bad at first but doesn't taste so bad after you have some more of it. Really, both Humans and Elves needs to try the other's food more often. They're missing out on some great stuff, and I think if they try combining some stuff from each side, they can come up with some even greater stuff. And if you combine all of the food in the world, you'll get the greatest stuff. Or something inedible, I don't know.

Arie isn't too fond of Elf food though(Arie's real name is Auroria, but I like to call her Arie)(She's my big sister that I mentioned earlier(When I say big, I mean big. She's like, Human-size big(Okay, maybe for you Humans, that might not sound big, but when you're a short Halfie, you Humans are all big(And I'm not talking about there either... although I guess you humans are bigger there too...I mean, from what I've seen of my sister, I'm a little small too but...I'M BIGGER THAN THAT GNOME I'VE SEEN BEFORE! Even if it was a guy.)))), but she's fairly Human in most respects anyways. I mean, I can tell that she's a Halfie from a glance, but it seems that most people don't see it unless they look up close. Because of that though, she seems to get along well with the folks at Eglinton, which leaves me to handle more of the work with the folks at Krastchien. She's kinda amazing though, even as a kid at 16, she managed to get a job as a guard or defender or something due to her skill with the sword and shield... even though most of the skill is with the shield. She's got a really pretty shield; if the light hits it in the right way, it looks like a gold ring at the edges. That's basically become her symbol, a golden circle.

Alright, umm... where was I? Right, it all started one day in Eglinton after my dad asked me to bring something to Arie. On the way back, I found a rather strange creature along the way. I knew it was a strange creature as I've seen quite a few strange creatures in my time. Also, my dad's a Ranger and he's told me quite a bit about strange creatures. In any case, this wasn't anything like the strange creatures that he's mentioned. It was weird but was rather difficult to explain why. Anyways, I went towards the others in the area and told them about the creature. A few people came along with me and I pointed out the creature. However, they were acting like they couldn't see it. Fortunately it wasn't really doing much, but everybody was pretending it wasn't there. I got a little mad and got a little noisy so one of the councillors came up to me and scolded me for making noise and wasting time.

After that I was feeling... not so happy so I decided to just walk around for a while. I soon noticed that it was getting dark so I just went home and straight to bed. After a while I heard the door to the house open and my sister come in. She started talking to mom and dad. Although she was trying to stay quiet about it, I still heard everything clearly from my bed. She told of a certain councillor's body being found. The cause of death wasn't known, but there was suspicion that I was the cause of it.

Hearing this, I jumped out of the bed and into the room where they were talking. I nodded to their inquiry as whether I heard the conversation. Arie told me not to panic and tried to assure me that nothing was going to happen to me. They told me to go back to bed and sleep in the mean time, and so I complied. Or at least tried to, but sleep was rather hard to come by. My thoughts wandered around the dead councillor, but then I also remembered the strange creature I found. The idea that the creature would kill someone was odd, but it was certainly suspicious. If I was the only one who could see it, then I was alos the only one who can handle it. When everybody else fell asleep, I snuck out and got some equipment, including a sword, buckler, bow and some arrows, and went out and see if I could handle the creature before it does anymore harm.

I sneaked into the Eglinton with the weapons in hand. The strange creature was gone from the place I saw it last, so I started to look around in other places. It was late at night, and Humans aren't very good at seeing in the dark, so I didn't have a difficult time keeping out of their sight for the most part. If they suspected me of murder, I thought it would've been best to not be detected. In hindsight, I should've thought things out further. Anyway, simply wandering around town didn't seem to efficient, so I thought about where the creature might be. If the creature killed the councillor, then it might still be near the scene of the crime.

There was a guard still at the front of the house, someone who I couldn't recognise in the armor, so I snuck around towards the back and climbed up to the second storey(DC 12) and looked into the window. Somebody was there. He noticed me. I panicked. I fell. Long story.

I mean, short story. I just told it. He noticed me, I panicked, I fell, if you need to hear it again. He might've also said something along the lines of "Who's there?" which I can't say I've had a particularly friendly history of. I mean, okay, maybe I do like sneaking around a bit. I'm not quite the best at it, but I don't think I'm too bad. The Elves can usually find me more easily though, but sometimes I can sneak around them too. I've become good at listening to the sounds I make when moving around, and also judging how much light is where; these things help me when sneaking. A high DEX score doesn't hurt either.

Okay, that ended up a bit longer than expect. So I fell down to the ground, which hurt, and I imagine that I made some noise doing. Wasn't quite meaning to, but it attracted the guard's attention. I wasn't too sure what to do at that point, but I heard the guard coming. So I decided to make a run for it. I was sure that they though I killed the councillor, and I wasn't sure what the punishment for murder in Englinton was, but I was sure it was an execution. Without trial. By evisceration. Over the course of three years. Being kept alive by magic in the mean time. In a public stall. While being tickled.

I was confused, so I simply ran. I ran as fast as I could away from everything I've ever known. It was dark, and there were a number of clouds overhead, but I didn't care and just kept running until I couldn't run anymore. That happened, luckily, when I found a rather large tree. Or maybe I just felt like stopping at the tree. In any case, I sat down next to the tree and fell asleep. Whether it was because I was tired or not is currently up to debate among 23 professional high school debaters. I'll see if I can get the answers in sometime.

I woke up the sound of rain. Mostly because it was raining and I was kinda wet. The tree's branches and leaves helped from me getting too wet, but the humidity was still ew, it was like 96% or something. I mean, this is all looking back at it. At the time I didn't care considering what happened the day before. Still, I remember the rain quite well.

I spent the next few days mostly wandering around, trying to figure out what to do. As my dad was a Ranger, I knew some stuff about how to survive off the land. However, my thoughts kept on turning back to that strange creature. It was unlike anything I've heard about before or anything I've ever seen. With each passing day, my desire to learn more about the creature grew, and soon I decided that's precisely what I was going to do.

Er... This is getting a little long, so I'll just say that I found out a few things:

  • These creatures aren't exactly nice.
  • I can't take them down on my own.

And so I'm on an adventure to find people who can help me. I... err... asked a few people already, but they just kinda looked at me funny. I think I should try gaining their trust before asking for help about this. I'm not sure what modifiers are involved in that, I'm not very good with people, but I'll see what I can do.

That's it for now. Whew, I guess I can write if I put my mind to it. I'll write more later if I don't get eaten by rabbits. If I do get eaten by rabbits, this'll probably get eaten with it, so I guess that's not something I need to note. In any case, hopefully I won't get eaten by rabbits. As long as I don't get eaten by rabbits, I'll be fine. Okay, this is the end now, so The End... for now.

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