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Live Blog So I hear Disgaea's good.
Five_X2011-01-16 12:39:16

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Seriously, I Have No Clue What This Is About.

I just heard my friend mention that Disgaea is a good game, and I've heard others make the same sentiments, so here I am. I sincerely hope I don't fail too hard.

Hey, this is by NIS. They made... I dunno.

There's a sort of intro image, and once it scrolls to the bottom, I get to the menu screen. Wow, it's bare. Time to start...

Scenery Gorn!

So, a demon King died, and his demon kingdom is full of usurpers getting all up in his old kingdom.

"Prince!" Why yes, I am ready to party like it's 1999, thank you.

Damnit, I'm not an effeminate '90s musician. Apparently I'm some dude in a coffin who won't wake up. Nice dungeon, tho. Likin' the flail.

I get woken up by a pink haired girl who points a gun at me. I like this place already...? That makes me wake up, for sure. Aaaaaand, it seems this girl very well may want to kill me, THE GREAT LAHARL!

I can really sympathize with this guy. I mean, why does it seem that everyone who tries to wake me up wants to kill me?

So this girl is pretty happy to deliver the news that King K has died. Died thirty-five minutes- er, two years ago.


Ar har har. "The Netherworld has gone to hell."

So we've gots to stop some demons from taking over our throne, because we are LAHARL! Also the girl's name is Etna. Good to know. Names are nice.

"Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld"

Well, I'll start that one later, and leave you with this introduction.

...Seriously, this LP is completely blind. I have no prior knowledge of this game.

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