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Live Blog A time of WAR
WandereroftheWastes2011-01-02 17:23:28

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An introduction to the mayhem, part I: For All The Glory

(NOTE! This is TOTALLY unrelated to my other Live Blog that deals with the same subject matter.

NATIONS FIGHTING (in order of turns):

  • Jade Rebellion (GREEN)

  • Never-Ending Twilight Council (BLACK)

  • Scarlet Alliance (RED)

  • Cerulean Federation (BLUE)

  • Independents (BROWN)

Example, again, of the army sizes (From left: 5, 3, and 1).


Picture of the world, circa 2210 AD

It was 2210 AD. War had broken out across the scarred Earth once more and the five remaining nations were again battling for control. The Machines of Destruction (MODS) replaced the bulk of the main infantry forces for each army, for the songs of men marching to war and the chants of their boots hitting the ground were hauntingly absent.


Satellite imagery of North America (retrieved from Rebel intel databases)

In what was left of North America, the Jade Rebellion had risen up to thwart the Never-Ending Twilight Council in a campaign for freedom and strategic territories. The Northwestern Oil Emirate was their stronghold and their only gateway into the scraps of Asia; if the Emirate fell into hostile hands too early, then the Twilight Council would most likely advance and do so unchallenged.

The Independents, long since forgotten, decided that their own type of rebellion was in order. They had spirit. They had courage.

Alas, those qualities were not reflected in their least, not on the outward surface...

Nevertheless, the Independents had one thing the Rebellion coveted (at least, in North America): Mexico. That alone earned them the ire of the Rebels, who longed for a route to their territory in South America.


Independent surveillance of South America

In the remains of South America, the Rebels had a new challenger to contend with—the Cerulean Federation. The Federation's foothold here was slim, but nonetheless posed a threat to the Rebellion's bid for control of the continent.

Standing as the wall to Africa was the Independent strike force, small as it was. They held the key area of the Amazon Desert, and the only express way to the Eastern Hemisphere. The programming inserted into the MODS was transparent: Hold the Desert for as long as they could or be destroyed in the process.

In a way, the Independent MODS were human. Though they themselves showed no outward emotion, they were just as stubborn and just as brave as their human counterparts.


Federation spy satellite photo of Africa

In the carcass of Africa, the Scarlet Alliance was prepared to topple the Independents and the Federation. The Allied forces in Madagascar (or rather, what once was Madagascar) were particularly worrying to the Independents, as well as the armada that was brewing in the Zaire Military Zone (ZMZ).

ZMZ Imagery from Alliance-controlled satellites

The ZMZ could be challenged another day. The Independents had their plate full already, what with making sure the Saharan Empire was well within their grasp.

Those MODS in Lesotho knew, in some odd, twisted way, that they were merely fodder for this massive Alliance horde. That didn't mean they were completely defenseless...


Rebellion spy satellite imagery of Europe

In the wastelands of what was formerly known as Europe, the Jade Rebellion was in dire straits.

The Warsaw Republic was in jeopardy.

Rebellion surveillance from Warsaw

If Warsaw fell, gone were the chances of the Rebellion staking a claim in Europe. The Federation and Twilight Council threatened to swallow the small force whole.

The matter was made clear to Jade Rebellion High Command, and the resulting programming passed down to the forces in Warsaw reflected their decision:

Hold the line until the last Rebel MOD fell. Warsaw was to be under Rebel control, not Federated nor Council, at all costs.

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