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Live Blog RISK 2210 AD (CLASSIC)--Shall we play a game? (PUBLIC VIEWING THREAD)
WandereroftheWastes2011-01-01 19:03:07

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A time of war. A time of agony, of joy. A time of defeat, of conquest. A time of utter annihilation, of strife and misery.

Five nations, five ideals, stood to destroy one another in a spectacle of insane violence, to slaughter those that they called "brothers" in a terrifying orgy of disaster.

Gone were the fleshy shells of men that once formed the backbone of their respectable armies. All fighting still took place on the battlefield for certain, but the songs of men marching to war and the chants of their boots hitting the soft dirt were replaced by the horrendously familiar sounds of machines.

Machines...of destruction. They were wretched miracles in their own right, feats of engineering gone completely mad. Each one held no emotion in their hearts, no souls to call their own.

Each one was created for a singular, ultimate purpose:

To wage war.

Now, the war is brewing. Now, the stage is being set. The first shots of the War of the End are about be be fired.

The question is...who will pull the trigger?


FIRST THING: I am using "Risk 2210 AD" pieces, not the Classic "Risk" pieces that everyone is used to.


All Classic "Risk" rules apply, with the following variations:

1. I'll be rolling the dice for you, so don't expect a miracle every time the dice have been cast. I'm human, too, y'know...

2. There will be pictures taken from my iPod Touch; they will be posted from either there or from my laptop (whenever I have access to the internet).

3. You will email me your moves so I know what to do (my email is, if it helps). You will have until 2-3 days before I post the next update to cancel or otherwise adjust your orders once they are sent, re-emailing me the new ones.

There are five available colors: Green, Black, Light Brown, Red and Blue.

That means we can have five players. If you wanna join in (and I know you wanna join in...), post what color you want and name your faction in the signup thread.

Once we have five players, we'll start the game.

Any questions should be directed to my email given above.

NOTE: Since this is being done by a real person, updates will be slow. Expect the time between installments to be about a week or two. Also, the signup thread has the army size scale so people can refer to that when they're watching this thread, as well as the current status of the board for people who aren't too keen on reading the story. Lazy people can view it here. From the left, the army sizes are 5, 3, and 1.

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