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Live Blog Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!
WillyFourEyes2011-05-25 19:25:38

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9: Royal Knight Sterk Puts In Work, And A Puppeteer Makes The Crowd Cheer!

Year 1, Month 8, Day 1

Rorona looks over her requests again for this month...Healing Aroma, Special Meat, Arland Crystal...they all seem rather difficult, but her clients are willing to pay big bucks to anyone who can pull it off. The Glow Grass is high on her priority list, as she only has two weeks to deliver them to her client. She leads her friends back into the mine, hoping that they are able to find enough decent materials to see them through. Their path leads them to a dead end, in a part of the cave rich with Stim Stones and Snow Stones.

New Materials:

  • Stim Stone
  • Snow Stone

Year 1, Month 8, Day 13

She is able to give away the Glow Grass, but isn't satisfied with the Special Meat she just made and doesn't have enough time to search for the ingredients for Arland Crystals. She can just feel her reputation dropping with each broken promise. Cordelia sneers hard at Rorona, because she was really looking forward to getting those crystals.

Year 1, Month 8, Day 18

Iksel asks to take a break from adventuring to look after the diner, so Rorona asks Sterk to come with her for her next adventure. She tries to whip up a few Witch's Salves and Beast Statues to try to convince Sterk that she's not goofing off on her assignment.

Year 1, Month 8, Day 30

The gambit seems to have paid off, as her submission is enough to put her in good standing with the king.

Year 1, Month 9, Day 4

Sterk stops by to check on her assignment, and the carrier pigeon has come along for the ride. Rorona gets distracted by its cuteness that she doesn't even notice Sterk.

Year 1, Month 9, Day 7

Down at the Town Square, a young girl about the same age as Rorona entertains the townspeople by dancing along with two cat-shaped puppets. She gets post-stage fright and runs away after her show is finished. Rorona notices that the girl left her wallet behind, so she looks around town for her, but doesn't have any luck.

When Rorona goes to leave town with Sterk in tow, Cordelia demands to know what he's doing tagging along. She's initially suspicious of him, but Rorona is able to put Cory's concerns to rest...even if just temporarily.

Year 1, Month 9, Day 10

Because Sterk is a knight, he demands a higher traveling fee than Iksel (about four times' worth), but he quickly proves his worth by mowing down the enemies with his large sword.

Year 1, Month 9, Day 13

Their journey is once again impeded by a large boulder, so Rorona wanders back home to see if she can craft a bomb to help them proceed.

Year 1, Month 9, Day 18

Rorona thanks Sterk for his help. As soon as she leaves, Astrid sneaks up on him, teasing him and wondering what he wants to get out of helping Rorona. He reminds her that he's doing it because he feels like it, rather than some sort of...not-quite-knightly reason.

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