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Chapter 13: Gone Fishing.

{Previously, Shay dealt with her discontent about her family, but decided to continue through the lands, searching for Teams Aqua and Magma.}

Party Setup:

  • Mojo: Lv28 Cacnea
  • Exde: Lv 33 Nuzleaf
  • Leiden: Lv34 Sableye
  • Luna, Lv34 Mightyena

Shay: Well, according to my map, there are sea routes east of Slateport, but ocean currents that could be complicated to get through. And then there's Route 118, which is blocked off by water halfway through... to get anywhere, I'll need to use Surf. Best way to catch a water pokemon, is with this Old Rod.

Shay: Now if I could only hook something besides Magikarp...

{Shay is in route 103, which is also blocked by water. However, she's been on both sides of it: It's a fast way to Slateport and Mauville. Both places of interest to her.}

Shay: Ah, a Tentacool. That will work. Mojo, use Leech Seed.

{Leech seed doesn't have much time to work, as a lucky pokeball catches her quickly.}

Shay: Now just set the HM and voila! One living float. ...I'm gonna be soaked after this...

{In the water, a few people are swimming back and forth.}

Swimmer Isabel: Watch where we're going! We're going to crash!

Swimmer Pete: This sort of distance... You should just swim it!

{Double Challenge! They use Marill and Tentacool. Mojo and Exde take them down with Secret Power, Mojo learning Faint Attack over Sand Attack}

Isabel: Groan...

Pete: Oh, that's good going!

Shay: Shees, Great going, Tentacool, keeping all three of us afloat like that...

{Shay stops by the Trick house.}

Trick Master: Ha? Grrr... How did you know I concealed myself within this dresser? You're sharp!

Shay: (Is he just pretending that he hasn't been making those flashes to draw my attention?)

Trick Master: You, you've come to challenge my Trick House, haven't you?

Shay: Yes.

Trick Master: Enter through the scroll there and let your challenge commence!

{This puzzle involves breakable rocks and buttons that open and close doors.}

Camper Justin: I keep coming back to this same place!

{Justin uses a Kecleon. Mojo circumvents it's Color Changing with the Normal type Secret Power.]

Justin: I'm already having trouble, and then you beat me? It's not fair! It's full of doors here!It's too small and dark in here! Help!

Hiker Alan: I don't get it. What would anyone want with a house this bizarre?

{Alan uses a Geodude, Nosepass, and Graveler. Mojo counters them perfectly.}

Alan: I don't get it. How did I lose? I don't get it, how many traps are in this house? You may be the one to solve that.

{Shay reaches the scroll easily.}

Picnicker Martha: I don't know what's going on here. I'm starting to feel sad...

{Martha uses Skitty and Swablu.}

Martha: You... You're awful! I know I'm weak! And, I have no sense of direction!

{Shay finally makes it to the door.}

Shay: "Trick Master is coveted."... What?

Trick Master: Aak! You've made it to me? Hmmm... You're sharp! It took me all night to prepare the wall panels... You're almost my equal in greatness by one, two, three, four places! Fine! You have earned this reward!

Shay: Hold on a second-

Trick Master: What? What manner of items do you carry? Fine, the item will be with me until later. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

{Shay meets with the Trick Master later for the Hard Stone.}

{Upon reaching Mauville, Shay sees Wattson in the middle of town.}

Shay: Hm? What's up?

Wattson: Oh, Shay! You look like you have a lot of zip! That's a good thing, wahahahaha! Fine! I've decided! i need a favor, Shay!

Shay: What is it?

Wattson: Mauville city has an underground sector called New Mauville. Shay, I'd like you to go there and switch off the Generator.

Shay: Why?

Wattson: The Generator has been running a bit haywire. It's getting unsafe. Here, this is the Key to get into New Mauville. don't you worry about it. It won't be a challenge to you.

Shay: Where's the entrance?

Wattson: The entrance is just a short Surf away from Route 110.

Shay: Fine. I'll meet with you once it's taken care of.

Wattson: That's it then, you have my trust! Wahahahaha!

Shay: (However, I'd like to fill out my team a bit more first...)

{Shay investigates Route 118}

Fisherman: Hmm! A good rod is really good! Wouldn't you agree?

Shay: Yes?

Fisherman: Hmm! We're of identical minds! Hmm! Take this Good Rod! Wherever there's water, try your luck at fishing.

Shay: Let's see what I can catch...

{Shay catches a wild Carvanha.}

Shay: Well, the pokemon this thing attracts are harder to reel in. But I can see why, Dart.

Pokedex: Carvanha: Savage Pokemon. Carvanha attack ships in swarms, making them sink. Although it is said to be a very vicious Pokemon, it timidly flees as soon as it finds itself alone.

Shay: I'll get you back out of the computer later. In the meantime, I've got a good feeling about ponds...

{Shay goes to Route 117 and fishes there, catching a Corphish.}

Pokedex: Corphish: Ruffian Pokemon. Once it grips prey with it's large pincers, it will never let go, no matter what. It is a hardy Pokemon that can thrive in any environment.

Shay: All right Fargus. That makes 6 Pokemon that I can seriously use... Time to get serious.

{Shay teaches Dart Surf and Secret Power over Scary Face and Focus Energy. He also teaches Fargus Secret Power over Leer.}

Shay: Right. Now it's time to be a hero again. To New Mauville!

{To Be Continued...}


Dec 25th 2010 at 3:28:51 PM
And thus, an all-Dark team has finally been assembled. You've gone through a lot of challenges so far, what with opposing the two major crime organizations of the region and conquering over half of the Gym Leaders, but it looks like your stride has yet to be broken. Just keep trying your hardest, and I wish you the best of luck on the journey ahead.

...Oh, and one last thing: Happy Holidays!

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