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Live Blog Solstace explores the alien lands of the PHPBB fora
Solstace2010-12-11 00:07:47

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Television Tropes Fora

So, using the magic of the Wayback machine, I have traveled back in time to the days of the PHPBB forums, and what an alien land they are.

In the following pages, I shall chronicle my exploration of topics long dead, one thread at a time, exposing my thoughts and linking curious things when applicable.

Join me, if you would.

This is the latest link I could find that would work.

I'll approach this methodically, top to bottom. Which means the first sub board I'll take a look at is Yackfest.

First thread, with 0 replies and founded by Tangent 128 is an announcement titled "Television Tropes Fora". Which just goes to show how archaic things were. "Television"? As opposed to "TV"?

(Post originally written by Seth, copied here by Tangent128, and edited by Sci Vo for the admin trifecta.)

This amuses me.

Like all unexpected developments in the wiki we embraced it.

It seems that we've always been this cool.

The rituals used to pothole, spoiler, and hide are all but foreign to me. It seems that our modern hottip has descended from a spoiler markup meant for images and paragraphs. Huh.

Anyways, first thread was short. So ends the first entry.



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