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Live Blog Good or bad, let's read some random videogame fanfics!
Reecer62010-12-10 23:19:30

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Scribblenauts: Behind the Words Chapters 1-3

Hello, I'm Reecer6, and I'm here to read some random fanfics based on games. First, let's start with Scribblenauts! This fanfic is called... The title says it, actually. It's Scribblenauts: Behind the Words. The author says this is HER plot.

Chapter 1, The Opening consists of Maxwell narrating a movie's opening cutscene. He was a scribblenaut in training, but now he's not. He shall reveal... THE PLOT! Now to Chapter 2, Was the Spectacular Utopia, Youtopia. What a creative name for a utopia! Maxwell was born here, where apparently it's all about me. Now bow to me! Maxwell describes Youtopia as a utopia in Cutout World. I don't even get the world's name.

Next, Maxwell tells us he's talking about it in past-tense, and that he's not deaf. After that, he points out that Youtopia floats and it houses "the ULTIMATE gem of Glory, the Greatest Treasure in all of Cut-Outs, the mystifying Scribble Star." Apparently it can recycle the energy they've already used in Youtopia to make more energy... That's not how energy works. It's also the most powerful thing in the world, and it tore the fabric of space during this story. That's where Chapter 2 ends.

Chapter 3, Booze-topia, Land of Booze starts. The first paragraph tells of how Youtopia unexplainably collapsed. WMG: Youtopia is Rome but faster. Someone had apparently gotten passed ALL the security measures, likely by giving everyone a USELESS POTION, and stole the Scribble Star ultimately making him rule the world, and the fanfic is over! But then everyone begs to hear the REST of the story, and Maxwell tells about how gangs and hobos and such now populated the crumbled utopia, where it became Booze-topia. Following this, Maxwell laughs at the people who believe they could bring Youtopia back to what it was like before.

Maxwell's mother (widow, her husband died underground) stayed after the Cataclysm, but then realized that you can't raise a child in a town with Booze in it's name, so she leaves for Scribble Town.

I'll see you next time for more Behind the Words!


Dec 14th 2010 at 1:56:09 PM
Cutout World? ...Eh, I guess if you look at the characters hard enough, it seems like they were all 'cut out' from the same template...also, what's wrong with living somewhere with 'Booze' in the name? I once knew a guy from Toad Suck, Arkansas, and he seemed perfectly normal to me.

But, I digress. If you decide that you can survive it, I'd be interested in reading more about your opinions on this...'literary work'.

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