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TotemicHero2011-11-13 17:18:39

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Chapter 65: Which Lich Is Which?

Welcome back, and let's see what Ethric the Mad's little tomb has in store for us.

Taking the center elevator, we end up in a room with...fireballs. (First person to say yum gets cracked on the head by Toblerone.) Seriously, we have four Fireballs shooting from the corners of the room across it, and we have to cross this. There are also four doorways for us to visit - one to the left, one to the right, and two to the back.

We start by going left, and it leads to a single room. Said room has ghosts. As usual, we don't want to melee the ghosts, so we fall back and lay down some Ring of Fire and arrow goodness.

After cleaning out that room, we take the right door. It leads to two more rooms of the same - ghosts to pull back from and kill, burial niches to loot. Time for the back doors then!

We head for the closest one, the one on the right. It splits into two paths, and we got left. This leads to a room with liches. That's right, liches as in plural. While they lack the teleporting tricks of the last lich we faced (Corlagon), they have a potent arsenal of spells.

However, we have advanced in power, so we quickly pound them down with melee strikes before they can dispel our magic. Unfortunately, the door beyond this room is locked, so we can't proceed yet. Back to the other path!

It leads through to two separate rooms. We kill the liches in the first and hit the button there (which opens the sealed door down the other path). Then we head to the second room.

As you might guess, it has even more liches, so we take them down one by one with heavy melee strikes. (Just so you know, Toblerone is now capable of hitting for over 80 damage with a single swing of his swords.)

We kill off the liches, then loot their bodies...wait, did that one have a skull for us to loot? On inventory inspection, we determine that it was Ethric all along. Dang it, I didn't even get to announce a boss battle!

Well, I guess his trick of trying to hide among the other liches didn't work...

Anyway, after looting more coffins, we get to head back to the other fork again. We go beyond the now opened door, and find another room with more liches. They fall down, we win, although finally one of them manages to dispel our defensive magics. Curse you...

Now, for the final door in the fireball room. We head back to it, and head in to find two rooms. One is empty, and the other has one final gang of skeletons for us to kill. With that done...

Tomb of Ethric the Mad complete!

We head back to town and rest up, and then go to sell off stuff while tossing around a few Enchant Item spells. This gets Cate to upgrade her armor, while Huaryu settles for Cate's old armor. Wait a second...Huaryu, quit cross-dressing!

Anyway, we head up to near the temple, where we meet a guy who's actually interested in the Ethric's skull! And he's willing to pay 7500 gold for it. Another quest complete.

Now this is normally the part where I tell you we get some levels out of the deal. Guess what? Not this time. Clearly we'll have to do more if we want to gain in strength. And so we the next chapter of this thrilling saga.


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Update will be tomorrow.
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