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Live Blog MOM! Robbie Rotten is doing a Phineas and Ferb liveblog!
RobbieRotten2010-12-10 20:43:56

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So, I have an interesting announcement to make.

Now, I usually do these episodes in order (Airdate Order to be exact), and I still am.

But, this month I willÖskip ahead! Way ahead infact! I will skipping ahead of several episodes so I can coverÖ

Phineas And Ferbís Christmas Vacation!

Since I wanted to do something Christmas related in December, and we wonít really reach this episode for a long time, Iíve decided to ahead and cover it.

But for Christmas, Iíll skip ahead to do this one.

And it wonít be the Regular Version either. On December 3rd, aired a special extended version of the special. And thatís what Iím gonna cover!

Donít worry, It wonít take me 3 months like it takes me to do a regular episode. Since this will be the first double length episode done by this liveblog, and this one is 45 minutes long, it will be split into parts. The first part of course will done sometime after December 3rd, and the whole thing will hopefully be done....eventaully.

Of course, once we reach the point where we would usually cover Christmas Vacation, weíll skip it since by then I will have already covered it.

So, thatís all I have the same for now. See ya later

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