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Live Blog Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging
Cliche2010-12-10 17:12:27

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What a glorious Sunday morning! Sakura is heading off to the amusement park with Madison, and it's going to be awesome! Not even Tori can ruin this fine day! Well, in fact, he can. After all, Sakura traded chore days with him. A glorious Sunday morning indeed.

Actually, Sakura gets to it rather enthusiastically. Just an ordinary girl in a magical world. Dang, the background music here is awesome. Who'd have thought watching someone do chores could look exciting? Well, Kero isn't nearly as excited, grumbling about being a guardian beast reduced to such a lowly task.

Along the way, she finds two Clow Cards, one known as The Wood, one shrouded in ink for some reason. Excited at the easiest capture ever, she leaves them on a desk in the basement. However, her dad phones back telling her to get him an envelope he forgot, and in her absence, the sun shines, revealing the inked card to be a jester pixie spirit. I've got a bad feeling about this.

Sakura comes home to an already finished laundry line courtesy of Kero. Gee, what a nice guy after all. Before she can prepare lunch as thanks, a strange rumbling emerges from the basement, turning out to be a giant growing tree. This is the work of the Wood card! Wait, that's the card Sakura found earlier. "You mean you didn't sign your name on it?" reprimands Kero. Well, yeah, that particular condition was never mentioned until now. Regardless, the Wood card is a gentle spirit, so why is it acting up? As the Wood card continues to reach its branches through the door, a much greater threat rings at the door. How is Sakura going to explain the forest in the basement? Fortunately, it's just Madison, come to help with...gardening.

Sakura seals the card, but it doesn't appear in front of her. Just as they are ready to go the basement to get it, it reemerges, following the trio upstairs to the balcony, where it stops to gather sunlight and grow its leaves. What a relief...wait, Kero's laundry work got ruined! This time it's personal. As the tree continues to threaten the structure of the house, trio navigates the web of branches to the basement, with Sakura somehow finding time to change into costume. It turns out that there's water in the basement, which means...The Rain card is the real culprit!

At first, it merely seems to give Sakura a harmless shower, but it becomes a torrential downpour that chases her. Still, it's nothing the Watery card can't handle. After sealing that pesky fellow, it's Wood's turn, but Sakura doesn't need to seal it as it's perfectly willing to go back to card form by itself. After the rain comes a rainbow, but unfortunately, Wood still left a horrible mess around the house. The job's not over yet!

Later that day, Dad and Tori come home bringing cake to a tired Sakura who left the house immaculate. Tori remarks that Dad should write his name on a piece before she gets to it. Wait, does he know something?

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