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Live Blog Let's MST: Bad song lyrics and other stuff (but mostly bad songs)
mst3kluv2010-12-10 16:28:23

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I'm back! This "song", Ay-bay-bay by Hurricane Chris is a disaster!

(feat. Big Poppa & Bigg Redd)

TOM: And sponsored by the Mr. Big candy bar!!

Ay Bay Bay(Ay) [X3]

Ay Bay Bay(Ay) [X3]

CROW: Oh good, I was worried we were going to hear some actual lyrics.

Ay Bay Bay(Ay) [X3]

MIKE: Is Chris trying to out-repeat “Hey Jude?”

Ay Bay Bay(Ay) [X3]

TOM (frustrated): Will you just get on with it!?


You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club

MIKE: Why the hell’s the drink’s so overpriced?

(Ay Bay Bay)

Whites Folks Gangsta in the club (Ay Bay Bay)

CROW: At least they’re acknowledging the fact that this song is whiter than a bag of flour.

Stuntin With A Stack Of Them Dubs (Ay Bay Bay)

TOM: Ooh, better not bring that up with Subbing fans. It’ll cause a flame war.

Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

CROW: Ah, so eloquent.

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

(TOM bursts into tears)

CROW: Oh boy, Tom’s crying already and we haven’t made it to the first verse yet.

Im In Da Club Holerin'

MIKE: The words to “I will always love you.” It’s Karaoke night, you see.

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

TOM (sniffling): Make the repeating stop, Mike!!

MIKE: I wish could, little buddy.

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

When I Holla Ay Bay Bay

I'm fittin to Get My Groove On

CROW: Yes, nothing says “Getting your Groove On” like hollering like a chimpanzee!!

Its So Hot Up In Da Club

Dat I Ain't Got No Shoes On

MIKE [Chris]: This means I’m more susceptible to Tetanus!! Whee!!!

Im Holdin' Up A Big Stack of Dem

TOM: He’s holding up a big stack of Demi Moores?

Hundreds In A Rubba Band

Girl Don't Ask Me For No Cash

CROW: So that means you want the girl to ask you for cash then.

Cause Im Not Dat Other Man

MIKE: Yeah! You take that, Other Man doing your…Other Man things!!

Everybody Trippin' Cause Im Limpin'

TOM: Let’s do the Wounded Turkey, everybody!!

[ALL cheer]

When Im Walkin' And Im Pimpin' When Im Talkin'

I Don't Trick On Chick Dats Talkin'

Dem Boyz In Da Back Dey Be Rollin' up Dey Doughdy

CROW: Mike? Am I getting stupider or are the sentences more incomprehensible?

MIKE: Yes.

Then Dey Blow It Till Dey Chokin'

Dats Wat Got Lil' Cane Rollin'

TOM [stupid]: That’s another name for my area. Huhuhhuhuh!!

And When I See A Bad Chik Im Hollerin Out(Ay Bay Bay)

MIKE [falsetto]: Leave us alone, you pig!!

I Hope Yall Ain't Wit Ya Boyfriendz

TOM: Permission to hit this guy with something, Mike?

MIKE: Permission most definitely granted.

Cause I Don't Care Wat Dey Say

And I Don't Care Wat He Say Or She Say

CROW [rebel]: Because I’m like, above the man, man!!

Im In Da Dj Booth, Takin' Pictures Wit Da Dj

MIKE [DJ, annoyed]: Sir, will you get out of here? I’m trying to work.

You Wanna Know What We Say

When Clubs Get Crunk (Wat)

Ay Bay bay Let it Play

CROW: We’ll all lose our hearing soon, anyway!!

Dats My Song Turn It Up [X2]


You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay)


[TOM bursts into tears yet again]

MIKE Tom? Tom? It’s okay buddy.

Whites Folks Gangsta in the club (Ay Bay Bay)

TOM [crying] No, it’s not okay!! How can songs like this get popular? How?

CROW: How about we all sing a nice song instead?

Stuntin With A Stack Of Them Dubs (Ay Bay Bay)

ALL [singing]: Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard.

Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

ALL [same]: When we drink we do it right, getting-

TOM [crying]: NO!! NO!! I won’t hear that terrible rhyme!!

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

ALL [same]: Sipping sizzurp in my ride like three 6.

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

[TOM wails loudly]

MIKE: No, no, it’s okay, Tom, you’re letting the Mads win, remember?

CROW [crying]: He’s right, Mike!! This song is godawful and deserves to die!!

Im In Da Club Holerin

[BOTS are still crying]

MIKE: Okay, guys, calm down, take it easy, it’s going to be okay.

BOTS [sniffling]: Promise?

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

MIKE: I promise. Now we got at least two more verses to get through, then we’ll call it a day. Alright?

BOTS: Alright.

Now If You Lookin' For Me Baby You Can Find Me

CROW: Buried under a pile of trash in a Dumpster.

Bangin' In Da Chevy Candy Painted Swingin 9 Deep

TOM: I’m sure that lyric makes sense in another language.

Saint Cards Creep Wit My People Right Behind Me

MIKE: Saint Cards? What are they, the new trading cards the kids are talking about?

I Showed Dem My Chain Now She Hollerin Wat U Buyin' Me

CROW [annoyed]: Is every person in this song *made* to be unpleasant!?

I Show My Mouth Piece

TOM [girl, disgusted]: Oh…thanks. And it’s still got some of your saliva on it too.

To Dem Freaks Now Da Hirin' Me

Oh You Got A Problem Well I Hope You

Tryin Me. Throw Them ....Park

CROW: Hurricane Chris attempts to form a coherent thought.

Then I Reach Under My Sit

Hop Out With My Hand Under My Shirt

MIKE: Uh, why?

Dats Where Dey Eyin Me

Yellow Bone Chirpin' Me

She Trying To See Where Imma Be.

CROW: Hopefully splattered on the ground.

You Gonna Let Me Get Up In

Your Mouth Well Dats Where Imma Be

TOM: He’s so thoughtful.

I Don't Pop Trunk Wit Lights Dats

Where Dey Choppa Be.

MIKE [Arnold Schwarzenegger]: Get to the Choppa!!

Straight To The Hotel

CROW: Behold! The song’s only grammatically correct lyric!

All Da Bad Chickins Followin' Me

TOM: Two questions: What are you on and can we have some of it, please?

I Know You Like My Style, I Ain't Trippin

Im Just Tryin' To See, Girl Is You Drunk

MIKE: It’s easy to see why anybody would like this guy. He’s so full of wit and charm.

Well Tell Me Why You Leanin' All On Me

TOM [girl, angry]: I’m cold, you brain-dead idiot!!

And If You Thinkin' Imma Stunt You Trippin

I Pull Up In An Expedition Wit Da Roof Lift

CROW: Lyrics by a completed book of Mad Libs.


You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club

CROW [Chris]: Everybody ask me for cash…park.

(Ay Bay Bay)

Whites Folks Gangsta And Them Thugs (Ay Bay Bay)

Stuntin With A Stack Of Them Dubs (Ay Bay Bay)

Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

MIKE: I bet Chris is actually at home watching TV right now.

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

Ay Bay Bay (5X)

TOM: Ay-yi-yi.

Im In Da Club Holerin'

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

CROW: Where the hell are my keys!?

Im In Da Club Hollerin

Ay Baybay Let it Play

Dats My Song Turn It Up

MIKE: Sir, that’s a dial tone.

CROW [Chris]: But dis my jam, y’all!!

Im In Da Club Hot,Crunk,Sweatin, Burnin' Up

TOM: I thought he was driving to the hotel!!

MIKE: This song has the continuity of Red Zone Cuba.

Im 'bout To Do The Crowd

CROW: Ick.

Bumpin And Hollerin Wats Up

I Done Fell Out In Da Dance Floor

And Now Caint Get Up

CROW: Would some fat guy please sit on him?

Js On Your Feet But You Cant Get These

MIKE: Fashions by Muppet Studios.

You Wear Wats Unbrown White, And Yellow

Till You Breeze

TOM [snooty]: Why, yes, I am better than you in every way.

Ill Go To Saint Louis Let My Chain Hang Low

conary Yellow Diamonds Mixed Wit Rozo

I Shy Real Bright In Da Light Because Im A Star

8 Shots Of Patrons

CROW [shocked]: He shot some people!?

MIKE: I think Chris meant he was drinking. At least, I hope so.

Now Stannin'on Da Bar

Probably Get Drunk as a skunk And

MIKE: Write a song.

Put Da Keys In Da Wrong car

TOM [wacky sitcom narrator]: Uh-oh, looks like Hurricane Chris is going to do something nutty!!


You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay)

Whites Folks Gangsta in the club

MIKE: I bet Tupac’s rolling over in his grave.

CROW: He isn’t dead! He’s just hiding!

(Ay Bay Bay)

Stuntin With A Stack Of Them Dubs (Ay Bay Bay)

Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

TOM: Somewhere, an English teacher is crying.

'Im In Da Club Hollerin'

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

MIKE: Download this song from iTunes ™ and set it as your iPhone’s™ ringtone!! That way, you’ll be in da club hollerin’ Ay Bay Bay everytime your iPhone ™ rings!!

Im In Da Club Holerin'

Ay Bay Bay [X5]

CROW [angry]: Will this song just end!?

Im In Da Club Hollerin'

Ay Baybay Let It Play Thats My Song Turn It Up (repeat untill song ends)

TOM: Oh boy, that was a turd, wasn't it?

Which song do you think is worse? This or This is why I'm hot? And, once again, you can't say both.

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