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Live Blog Let's MST: Bad song lyrics and other stuff (but mostly bad songs)
mst3kluv2010-12-10 16:21:49

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I took some tropers' advice and made a thread for all my new MS Tings now. By the way, this song is called Omaha Mall. It's "sung" by Justine Beaver, some nobody, and an obnoxious DJ.

Kenny Hamilton, tell 'em how it is

MIKE: Yeah! You tell ‘em, Mr. Nobody!!

[DJ Tay James]

Okay, we better do this again, the official version

CROW: Gee, I’d hate to hear what the unofficial version sounded like.

This ain't none of that Youtube stuff man

DJ Tay James,

TOM: Is this a song or an advertisement?

Shout out to my homeboy JB, it's Kenny Mac

We better do this, Omaha Mall 2010

CROW: I can tell this is going to be a timeless classic.

Let's show you how we 'bout to get in, hey

MIKE: First we walk across the sidewalk. Then we approach the automatic door…

Let's go


Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

TOM: We do?

CROW: Yeah, it says right here on their flyers: Need a place to host a ball? Then call the Omaha Mall.

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

MIKE: Outta my way, mallwalkers!!

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall Mall, mall, mall, m-m-mall

TOM: There’s times when you just don’t care, and then there’s Justin Bieber.

Yeah I ball, Omaha Mall Five feet tall but I still do it all

MIKE: I’ve seen people who are three feet tall go to the mall and buy things. That’s hardly an accomplishment.

TOM: Yeah, but do they go to the *Omaha* mall?

Yeah I get it in, get the Benjamins

Then I spend it all at the Omaha Mall

TOM: “Yes,” said Justin’s producer, “This is exactly the kind of thing people want to hear in an economic depression.”

Yeah we're in the mall

CROW [dully]: Whee.

We are doin' it huge

We are spending cash looking for some sick shoes

MIKE: Justin Bieber can heal...a pair of shoes.

Yeah we're at the mall

Yeah we're in my world

Yeah we got some shoes and now we looking for some girls

TOM: Yes, folks, it’s that boring.

Omaha Mall, yeah this beat rocks

Now we rollin' down the mall tryin'a find a G-shock

CROW: How dare they steal scooters from little old ladies!!

MIKE [Justin Bieber]: Screw you, old people! I’mma writing songs about Omaha Mall!!

'Yo, there's some girls, they look good from afar

MIKE [singing]: Yo, the floor tiles look so white. They were just cleaned. I see a wet floor sign.

But you never know at the Omaha Mall

I've been to LA, New York, I've done it all

But none of it compares to the Omaha Mall

CROW: Yes, why go to big cities when you can just spend a day at the mall?

TOM: But not just any mall, the Omaha Mall!!!

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

TOM: I forgot what they’re singing about.

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

You know I'm a star, you know I'm a star

MIKE: One that will hopefully go through puberty and never sing again.

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

You know I'm a star, you know I'm a star

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

TOM: Well, that was insightful.

[DJ Tay James]

CROW: Not this clown again!!

You ain't know what it is, DJ Tay James

MIKE: Dear Mr. James, a song is not a billboard!! Well, maybe this song is, but why?

Ry Good, tell 'em what it is shawty

TOM: THRILL as people you don’t know tell you about their shopping experience at Omaha mall!!

[Ryan Good]

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

See how we ball at the Omaha Mall

CROW: Dick and Jane: The teenage years.

Now we at the food court

TOM: Ah, mall food courts. Where all ethnic foods taste the same.

Tryna get some Sparro's,

Hey there Justin you got a dollar I can borrow?

MIKE [Justin Bieber]: Sorry, I spent it all at the Omaha mall. Omaha mall.

Maybe get a burger

A sweet and sour chicken

CROW: NO ONE will be seated as our singers decide what to order!!

Now I'm walkin' out

'Cause it's so finger lickin'

TOM: Like at KFC ™, yo. Go buy some KFC ™. Justin Bieber says so.

Hey girl we're ballin'

yeah girl we're ballin'

What did I just say?

MIKE: Something about “How the mighty star has fallen?”

Yeah we're Omaha Mallin'

Shift my attention Now I'm 'bout to go to Baby Gap

CROW: Boy, the product placement’s really subtle.

Get my little sister something

Maybe a sweet Baby Gap cap

TOM: It’s not like she can just get one herself at her inferior local mall!!

Wait wait wait, hold on, hold on yo

MIKE: Ryan Good realizes he’s in a terrible song.

We might as well just go to Lids

CROW: On second thought, Abercrombie & Fitch is having a 25% off sale. Let’s go there.


Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

MIKE: Y’know, for a straight guy, Justin sure does like to talk about malls.

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

TOM: There was a shooting at the Omaha Mall.

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

Mall, mall, mall, m-m-mall

CROW: I expect Rappin’ Ronnie Regan to start any second.

Ball, ball, ball, b-b-ball.

MIKE: And a pointless song comes to a pointless close.

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall, I feel sorry for any tropers who live near Omaha Mall. Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall.

Also: Bieber is apparently coming out with a nailpolish line. [1] Don't ask how I know this.


Jun 14th 2011 at 7:02:41 AM
Ahaha I work at the Omaha Mall. It's really not that great.