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An LP as Wordy as the Game - Let's Play Golden Sun
...And I once again have a reason to pay attention to the liveblog index.

Okay, a couple notes. First, if you can't wait or just want a video LP, Superjeenius did both of the GBA games; just be warned that the first game was one of his earliest L Ps. On the plus side, he did more or less 100% both and used the password function.

Second, if you have a Wii U, both games are on Virtual Console, at least here in the U.S. So if you want to play along...
The best thing about that Yes/No is the smile associated with the "Yes" and the sad face associated with the "No". So when the guy asks if you think they're going to die, or when a similar question is asked later, you can answer with a cheery "Yes" or a sorrowful "No".

If I recall correctly, the game looks like it kicks you back to the title screen. I wonder how many GB As were thrown by non-savvy players who thought they got a real game over after a fight they could not win.

Ah, the idyllic hometown theme. I don't recall what point I got to in this game, or know how far that is into it, but I think it's my favorite of what I heard. Maybe second, I'm not sure.