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No-one commented on this liveblog? This is why I don't go to the liveblog section; because there isn't much action here. A shame, as this is a nice, entertaining liveblog so far, of these two truly stupid cartoons I used to watch as a kid.
This is the first time I've ever heard of performance enhancing drugs being used for politics.

Great line!
His disguise is a lei. That's it. No way is he going to arouse suspicion like that, no-siree.

Wait a minute: are you telling me that Disney stole from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3?!
Unlike the games where they are usually depicted as a set of golden triangles Captain N has made each individual Triforce a glowing pyramid shaped object.

Technically, that was taken straight from the original cartoon. That's also why Courage is blue; they'd already used green for Wisdom.

The Triforce of Courage was MIA. Thing is they were all separated for years at minimum, so there can't be any ill effects from having the three pieces separated. Zelda's bond with the Triforce could be a new development though so I'll give that a pass.

Yeah, it's kind of a weird thing the writers did here. See, the original cartoon was made before Zelda 2, so they worked with what they had. Then Zelda 2 came out, and once merged with Captain N, they naturally had to incorporate its material.

In Zelda 2, the Zelda of that game is asleep, and the only way to awaken her is to find the last part of the Triforce. So in Zelda 2, there's clearly some kind of link (no pun intended) between her and the Triforce.

Of course, this doesn't fit into the canon of their own series. But who cares?! It's a kid's show, right? They've almost certainly forgotten what happened. Last year.

It also doesn't explain why Hyrule itself is directly endangered by this. That's new.

So within a matter of seconds those two morons managed to lose absolute power.

Actually, it's even worse (and stupider) than that.

See, the reason Mother Brain basically gave up without a fight was because Eggplant Wizard instinctively evoked the powers of the Triforce of Courage, making her afraid to do anything. That's what the scene was trying to establish. And here again, Eggplant Wizard used the Triforce of Courage on the N-Team to win.

But no, it was all a ruse, and they are able to subvert the power of the Master Force... because the writers said so.
Korval (edited by: Korval)
"Germ Wars" always creeped me out as a kid. I hated that episode. I always found the insides of bodies creepy looking, and the idea of being in one even worse. The episode is loaded with Nightmare Fuel, including the following:

  • If Kevin could possibly die from the common cold (Videoland's equivalent), then does this mean he's at risk of death many times a year if they can't re-enter his body and fix it?
  • The visual of Mini-Kevin, inside regular Kevin's heart, and the idea that he's strapped to a table inside a heart.
  • The visuals of the whole thing.
  • The idea that, while growing back to normal size, everyone could potentially rip Kevin to shreds and burst him apart.
  • The idea that whatever happens in Kevin's body creates serious (and nasty looking) obstacles for them - his stomach pumping acid, he rolls over and the inside of his body turns with them, things like that.
  • Kevin slowly dying. Not quickly, not risk of, say falling in lava or being crushed, but slowly, from within, and Mini-Kevin (his soul?) being there to witness/experience it.
  • Mini-Kevin is frozen blue with those attacks from Viroid. What's that all about? Paralyzation?

I hated that episode. So damn creepy.
I have to say, I love your wit, particularly in your review of that Captain N episode. I saw that one as a kid. The appliances suddenly being able to fly, their ability to be hypnotized, I just took it at face value and didn't question it back then.