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Let's Re-read/spork/critique S'TarKan's Team 8
I agree with all of those complaints. I also really hate how already Kurenai is apparently worth more than Iruka and Hiruzen, and how in later chapters she chews them both out because of course she's right about everything.
Kurenai is...ugh. And now that I'm starting to read chapter 2, her attitude is getting worse. Joy.
Honestly I can't even remember this fan-fic, but all the cliches are really showing.
Hinata, at her lowest points, is significantly more confident than she is in this fic. Even if her lack of self confidence hampers her, she trains hard, in the hopes of becoming useful to her teammates.

While I'm personally glad that Naruto gave up on pursuing Sakura, especially considering that in the training exercise, she was willing to get a bell for herself and Sasuke, thereby sending Naruto back to the academy, it seems somewhat unreasonable that he would give up on her so quickly here.

I do have to wonder- at what point are soldiers unworthy of having their names on memorials after dying in the service of their country/village? Even if they failed their missions, they still gave their all, and ultimately their lives, for their cause. Still, that comment comes off as remarkably callous for Kurenai, especially since it's later shown in canon that her father went up against the Nine-Tailed Fox on the night of Naruto's birth, and most likely got killed.

The author is somewhat inconsistent in the use of honorifics; Character X might call Character Y "san" in one scene and "chan" in another. It's somewhat annoying to see the inconsistency.

Kurenai seesm to be the author's mouthpiece to bash characters and parts of the setting that he doesn't like. I also have to wonder why there's suddenly a tradition of sexism in the Leaf Village, when nothing of that sort was ever indicated in canon.

The only Gratuitous Japanese I use in my fanfics are Japanese Honorifics and Japanese Sibling Terminology, since the choice of them can often say something about the speaker.

I enjoy reading this liveblog and hope you'll keep it up.