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A Newcomer's thoughts on Crisis Equestria
I like Blackburn.

As for Tick Tock, it's become a Running Gag in the thread to interpret all her interactions as laced with Unresolved Sexual Tension and to see her as a Memetic Sex Goddess with loads of Foe Yay with everypony.
Blackburn is just pure freaking WIN! Though she reminded me of Mordin more then anyone else.

As to her issues with Fluttershy, that gets explained, and is part of the second biggest issue I have with the story and by far the dumbest and least needed plot line that simply wastes space, time, patience, and makes no damn sense at all.

The biggest issue of course being Brairthorn.

Glad you're enjoying the story, it really is damn good overall. Just, a few things that really needed to be handled differently.
Not saying Briarthorn doesn't have his good points, but he is just to much of a fucking annoying asshole for those to outweigh the pain of dealing with him.

And the whole Fluttershy/Lockwood stuff is my second most hated part of the fic, it just makes no damn sense, why the fuck would any of the Mane 6 be at all caring about a relationship? There is NO evidence from the show for rarity being some obsessed matchmaker, and they are all leaving that world never to return in less then a month. So WHY... other then giving a handwave later on for Fluttershy to act horrendously OOC. And throw in some cheap drama.
Well considering her personality, Rarity has always seemed like she'd be quite the romantic (She seems jo have a rather fanciful idealic view on life, what with her Prince Charming fantasy in season one), so her being a matchmaker isn't all that surprising. And I dont feel that Fluttershy is being OOC, her personality has changed, yes. But it feels like natural Character Development in response to the experiences she's had. As for the character's interests in relationships, they're still sentient creature's are they not? Its not so unbelievable that they'd seek romantic companionship.
I like that image of Tick Tock! Poor girl can't catch a break.

Glad that you liked the fan ubmitted characters. Spark Plug was one of mine but I gave Ganon a lot of freedom with him and I feel that he used that freedom well. He also made Spark Plug more important than I was expecting.
Oh I don't mean she's being OOC now, I'm talking about later, when she goes into Merriwether Williams levels of OOC for the sake of the plot, leading to one of the most annoying, frustrating and just plain dumb moves in the story, not involving a certain... thing.

Yeah all the OC's, bar one, are freaking AMAZING and so so well handled. The fic just has trouble keeping the Mane 6 from feeling OOC for the sake of it's story, and with, well we all know the OTHER issue. So so hope the revision get to him soon.