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Cool and Clever Name that Convinces You to Read This Batman Liveblog
Good luck man!

Hopefully you don't get too engrossed in the game to do the actual LB, like me and Pokemon White. >_>
You should dress up like Batman while playing this game, and yell at the inmates to swear to you.
Unfortunately, I don't have a Batman costume. :(
This looks to be a very interesting liveblog and this is coming from a person whose played and LOVED the original Xbox Arkham City game. I may consider getting this version if I ever get a Wii U but I do wonder is there any differences or similarities between the PS 3 version and the Wii U one?
Outside of menu navigation and controlling certain gadgets being on the Gamepad screen, I'm fairly certain that the games are exactly the same.
I think a lot of things are mentioned in the comics or the side story notes you get in-game. Black Mask was upset about Joker using his Steel Mill, of course.

Also, glad you noticed Joker spoiling the ending in the church~

P.S.: "Two guns, bitch!"
>liking Hush

Fun Fact: In the Arkham Unhinged comics, it's revealed that the Abramovici Twins used to work for Joker when they were conjoined and were frequently beaten up by Batman. So, as a result, Joker got Thomas Elliot to split them up and kept the guy who would become Mr. Hammer. He planned to kill the other guy, but Harley dumped him on Penguin's doorstep instead, and Penguin took him in.

The two don't ever actually fight in the comics, though they do glare at each other when they meet again.
Love this Liveblog. Wish you would continue it!
I'll get back to it eventually. :)
Arkham Asylum was amazing, but I never bought the sequel. So thanks for sharing the experience!