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Let's (re)play Final Fantasy V
You say "goofy" as if it were bad or something. In this game, that's more of a plus.
I generally agree with you. Tone-wise I like that this is one of the sillier games in the series, but the thought balloons in particular bother me. It's a minor annoyance at best, though. I also don't have a problem with the same thing in VI, but I think, in that game, the punctuation isn't in balloons so it's less obtrusive.
Interesting; when I played Final Fantasy V (on the PS 1 Anthology collection), I never went back to check on Boko. I feel like a bit of a jerk now, but it's good to know that he was taken care of all that time.

It's good to hear that you're doing well so far, and I wish you the best of luck, especially when it's time to head to the Wind Shrine and the gameplay really expands...