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From Shittastic to Lulz-Worthy and Back Again: Rika Liveblogs The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II!
How do you use colors for the text like you did?
I don't know if you noticed it, but I think there is a secret message in the poem Thomas. If you put the first letter of each line that has capitals and then after that you put the first letter of each line wuthout capitals, it says: IM A TROLL.

All this time we though this guy was being serious?
I know the true identity of Thomas Brown. I can also explain why this fanfic was even written. Please email my at and I will explain everything.

This message is for Arcadiarika only. Anyone else that tries contact me will be ignored.
Yeah, the guy who Beta Read chapter 9? That was me. Mr. Brown claimed I didn't do a good job.
...ouch, man! :(

Me, I think you did a pretty damn good job. That, and you seem to have done the research far more, and did not make the enemy automatically die for the sake of deaths. Among a few others.
Wahh! Thalia/Jason is actual incest! He's her little brother!
Actually, Jesus said "I and the Father are one".

Noah just broke into Thomas' account and made a bonus chapter. It's actually pretty awesome, as all the Prayer Warriors are rounded up and arrested. He also added "SO TRUE" to Chapter 20's title!

(NOTE: I'm not saying you should review the bonus chapter, I just thought you'd be interested.)
DA know, for the sake of completion, I'll do it. And save it.
But India was under the control of Anglican Britain, i.e. evl false Christian satanists!

Of course, given that he believes that John Lennon was the founder of the Soviet Union, I should probably be surprised that he knew that India ever was a colony in the first place.
I've read these liveblogs, and I salute you for not going totally insane. :)
Awww, thanks! :D

Will I eventually liveblog any future stories? Maybe, maybe not, maybe do it on an anniversary of my liveblogging. But for now, I'll take a long hiatus from doing the series.
Damn, the little shit deleted the chapter and I didnt get a chance to read it. Woud it be nice if you can repost for us to read?
...I already did. (points up to the copypasted sections) Word for word.
Ah, sorry. I didnt realize that you posted everything in this blog. Just wondering, have you read any of Noah's stuff? Weirdly they are not that bad compared to what Thomas has written. Still judgemental but in a different way.
Actually, the reason why I find Noah's stuff unmockable is because of the different styles of writing. They're more or less not that good, but not that bad, either. Kinda...So Okay Its Average. Meh, if you will.

Though about me stating that I'll never again liveblog another of the series? I Lied. I'm honestly thinking of possibly liveblogging both Attack of the Sphinx and The Titans Strike Back as a double-liveblog (four chapters in each installment, two of each story! :O). And perhaps treat it as doing a "same shit, different characters/settings/whatever" a la Pokemon Black/White. Or Pokemon the Movie White/Black—Victini and Zekrom/Reshiram. And it'll be a Milestone Celebration—either celebrating the half-anniversary or anniversary of my liveblogging.
Not that Im trying to pressure you into anything, but it would be cool for you to continue liveblogging this series. Although it seems as if theres not end in sight for Thomas to actually conclude his trollfics once and for all. Since you might write another liveblog on the Prayer Warriors I at least should finish off my one of the Prayer Ponies even if looks as if Ebony has given up on her fanfic. If Noah every post any fanfics I might liveblog his stuff, but that depends on if its any good or not. If its a meh story, then I might not bother.
Well I for one appreciate the suffering you went through to blog this expectantly considering all the chapters where deleted. Well done in slaying that foul beast.