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Let's Factor some Runes, in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Dearest, can anyone possibly be more impatient?
I like a good intro as much as the next guy, but yes I do get a bit impatient when I've spent the majority of a two hour lunch break in the intro of a game with no actual game play. Admittedly I was taking notes while the intro went on so it took a lot longer than it would have normally, but I sort of do expect the games I play to actually have game play. Luckily this game becomes mostly game play once you get past the first couple of days, with story line mixed in with your daily activities.
And so, after three days of exploring this Harvest Moon spinoff, you've finally found a place to harvest things. I must say, while I'm not a major fan of the series, I'm rather enjoying your playthrough thus far. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with this 'finding and restoring islands' gimmick.
I'll admit, getting KO'd in such a way does seem like quite a shame. And you didn't even get anything out of it, like the time you stayed up all night long! But, if mistakes were never made, we'd have fewer things to learn from. Here's hoping that your next few in-game days are more enjoyable!
I love reading your writing! It makes even mundanities like Heating milk sound like tons of fun!

I had no idea this game was so complex... ...and we haven't even factored in any runes yet!!