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Foregone Conclusion will solve everything.
I thought Bridge to Terabithia WAS a fantasy film. (I haven't seen it)
You know what's funny? I was watching "1000 ways to die" WHILE I was reading this. Coincidence, ain't it?
"then what was Kyouko to you?" A rival for obtaining greif seeds most likely.
Well, according to the recently released audio drama, she was Mami's friend until that whole Murder-Suicide thing happened and Kyouko beat up Mami and wasn't her friend anymore.

So we're both right, in a sense.
Actually, what Homura means is that it's pointless to kill humans; You don't get any Grief Seeds from murdering people, and the despair just makes your Soul Gem fill up faster. Not that a magical girl *can't* kill people...It's just that it's counterproductive.
That makes sense. Thanks for telling me.
You could read Kyubey's lines as one of the Ageha Squads, they're both evil and voiced by the same person.

Only difference is that Kyubey's doing the manipulating and has a thing for thermodynamics.
lol Oriko Magica

On a side note, glad to see that you're back. : )
Wait, back? When the hell have I been gone? I've done a new liveblog a few weeks ago.
Every time a bell rings a majo shoujo gets her wings.