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Let's Learn to Crawl: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
This is looking interesting, and the prose style is very enjoyable. Keep it up, wouldja?
Keeping up with this as well. Also playing along. Pretty fun, though I died about as quickly (to a named character nonetheless. Terence he was.)
Ah, Terence. We'll eventually see him whenever he shows up I suppose. He typically comes with a heavier weapon, some lighter armor, and if you're unlucky, a wand. If you're a wizard, you should be able to take him if he's far enough away, but some of the early fighters won't have gained quite enough HP to take him on and should, say, get to level 3 or 4 depending on your race before you try to take him on.

And don't worry, this time I've learned my lesson and have updates in a queue.
I have a *ton* of crawl videos on my youtube channel, including a series on how to start a Dwarven berserker (Melee) or a Spriggan Wizard (Caster), which are targetted at people who are just picking up the game, but having a tough time. Feel free to check it out :)!

You know what sucks? When you create a character, then there's no exit out of the first room! You could just restart, but it always messes up the death board. ;_;
There's typically a hidden door somewhere. Guess I should mention that some time too. Anyway, just hold down "." or press "5" to make your character stand around for a bit near a wall. Every turn, there will be a chance of your character detecting a hidden door that could be in a wall.

Not the best way to introduce new players to the dungeon, but you know.
I've found magic is real hit-or-miss; you can be on top of the world and slaughter everything, only to fall to a stray lucky shot. Still, can't wait till you get into summoning; that's always been my favorite form of magic and this game seems to handle it pretty well.
Well, that's certainly more interesting than about 90% of the deaths I've experienced in Roguelikes. Though I wonder what would've happened if the second demon had been hostile...

At any rate, I'd like to see how the various types of magic work. Or possibly something Xom-related (assuming you were looking for suggestions, that is).
I've got a later update about Xom (though it's relatively skimpy on details about him). I might do an entire update just teaching the wide variety of ways Xom makes you hate him. As for magic? I've got some necromancy and summoning on the queue of updates and thinking about doing some transmutations next.
I can't say I've ever been a major fan of Roguelikes (even Pokemon Mystery Dungeon can make me tense up at points), but I definitely like the various ways one can play through this title. The sheer number of mechanics shown in this entry alone, for a single race out of the many, is quite astounding. Every update gives me another clue as to how intricate this game truly is, and I've been impressed every single time.
Interesting note. I don't know if this is because I'm using 0.8 or what, but you can cast Animate Skeleton on a freshly dead body, and it will make both a skeleton and a meat chunk. Handy if you can't cut up the corpse yourself.
And with a display of amazing luck skill, it appears that our lovable necromancer has avoided lowering herself to the level of her own minions. What deaths and undeaths await our protagoinst next time? Tune in next time to find out! Same Crawl-time, same Crawl-channel!
Last time I met Yiuf, he didn't have ONE hammer, he got 72 of them, 8 of them glowing, 3 runed, and 5 branded. And one Mace Artifact (+6 +7 Torment). I love this crazy guy ^^
Well, that's a bit of a shame; Demi-Fiend's existance lasted ridiculously long in comparison to all that came before, and I was starting to hope that he'd go all the way. Nevertheless, you were able to show off a lot of neat and interesting things with him, and did a wonderful job overall. Oh, and have a pleasant hiatus!
good times =>
haha, sweet blog dude!

the farthest I've gotten.. which isn't far at all.. was Hadnu, my Lvl.13 Ko Be..

Sigh> little dog men with pointy spikes are indeed quite the ferocious force to be reckoned with!

I am addicted to the random insanity that is DSCK! It's not particularly efficient in getting anything done rather than dying by some sort of cruel gladiatorial joke on the part of Xom but still>>

I love it
Keep up the blog, hope that isn't the end, good stuff =>
I actually managed to complete the shoals and the spider's nest in my run before getting killed in the hall of blades by a poorly placed unique.

Word to thew wise: even as a minotaur monk of trog, don't take off see invisible unless it's to put on another ring of see invisibility. Stupid monocule guy...