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(I'm) Not a Fanboy watches The West Wing
I liked this show a lot, though it did certainly stumble badly in season five (notably, this was when Sorkin left the show in the hands of [[ER John Wells]]). Though he certainly can write some great dialogue (A Few Good Men is also well worth checking out), my view of the show has soured a bit in the years since, as Sorkin revealed himself more and more to be an egotistical blowhard in person. Just look at the mess he made out of the initially promising Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip; it's really funny these days to remember that, at the time, EVERYONE was predicting it would wipe the floor with the similar-premised {{30 Rock}}.

Looking forward to this one, as the show's first few seasons at least have quite their share of great lines, CMO As, and CMO Fs.
It's pretty well known by now that Bartlett was intended to pretty much be an extended One Scene Wonder, with the show only following his staff and the President himself showing up sparingly to kick a bit of ass. But Sheen was so great in his one scene in the pilot that he became the main character immediately.

Unfortunately, the structure means our initial impression of Leo is a bit off; by about halfway through season one you'll have a very difficult time picturing him and not Jed complaining about an incorrect crossword puzzle.
Does this have something to do with Leo's statement that the President's a geek? In any case, I'm still only on episode seven. Episode two won't take as long as number one, I swear.